The Missionary Man


Yes, don’t mess
with the Missionary Man
The best he can
he’s getting on
oven cooking
with that missionary plan

As little Miss Multiverse
awaits at the far end
of the Pearly Gates
where dark matter is hiding
Like aspic in jelly
astral trawling

the heavy duty gravity
of some opioid addiction
Wading in gooey brown gravy

from dowtown New York

to the Rings of Saturn

A swirling black hole
coming into view
Lordy, what will you do?!
That plastic galactic baby
wholly and solely
waiting just for you
Take a deep breath
if you can
and don’t distress
I think it best
you go confess
to that Missionary Man

Living a life bland
sinking quickly into sand

Or to get up off your knees

and seize the grand plan
A door marked ‘Evermore’
beckoning and ajar
Is it the Destructor
or the Greater Creator
holding the floor
with a solemn whisper?

True love …
it can redeem the soul
It can cool the fool
caught in a summer swelter
It can purge the urge
fraught with danger
Love from above
can make you whole
It can sweeten the bitter
Even pay back in full
that black hole toll

Yes, don’t mess
with the Missionary Man
The best he can
he’s getting on
oven cooking
with that missionary plan
Life is a mystery
Death is over easy
In the big scheme of things
through the agony
and the ecstasy
I hope you understand

Words & PhotoArt
~ david redpath © 2018


29 thoughts on “The Missionary Man”

  1. I missed this one till now. Glad I found it. Dunno why but that word “evermore” just struck me. Felt abit eerie. We don’t often use that word but it conveys such a lot


  2. Striking words. I like how you paint the hands of life, total picture style, making it into missionary man. Cooking. I really like a specific paragraph. Hold on, I’ll extract next. Ps: awesome picture. My type of universe.

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  3. Wonderful, David.
    I love how you tie in theories in astrophysics with astral traveling on a drug trip.
    I’ve always thought taking drugs is one of the way demons can enter the mind. (Sorcery in koine Greek = Pharmakeia from which we get our English word pharmacy).
    And demons can probably travel the galaxy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, as psychologists, and
      criminal defence lawyers,
      keep coming up with labels
      of ‘disorder’ to explain it away.
      I think the wider universe is crystal clear.
      The perverse seems to be
      all earth bound, along with
      the rest of us.
      That’s perhaps why Elon Musk
      longs to get away!?
      And yes Chris, the Pharmakeia industry has
      a lot to answer for.
      Just ask Lot’s wife.
      ‘Mother’s Little Helper’,
      turned her life into a pillar
      of sedated strife.

      Liked by 1 person

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