Outback Trek: Desert Ships

I’ve been kissed by a Camel on the lips
… a baby dromedary named ‘Bogan’.

Stalked by Storks, and there was a flock of them

Almost kissed by a croc.

“Crikey!” He was just a metre away!

Just waiting for the chance … Fair dinkum!
When it comes to crocs, you just can’t trust them.

How much can a Koala bear?

One of these is not a real Camel?

It’s Shane just playing with his dromedary friends,
taking a break from the Desert to Coast Camel Walk.

Shane is known locally as the Camel Whisperer, who
takes his gang of 19 white camels on treks to raise
awareness of youth suicide in the Australian bush.

David & Linda Redpath © 2018

115 thoughts on “Outback Trek: Desert Ships”

      1. I was a kid when he died.
        He was only 39.
        His courage, genius and passion
        have been a fascination
        for about a decade now.

        David, if you ruled the world,
        which two would you choose
        to co-rule with you?
        Lenin and Marx?
        MLK and Gandhi?
        Or … (any two). ♥.


        How do you do this for every comment? o.O This is fun but wow. You are fast at coming up with rhyming responses. I guess that means …

        some have wit,
        others work at it.

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      2. I think Nelson Mandela and Gandhi
        would do just dandy.
        The problem, as always, would be the
        World Banking System (Big Money)
        and the Armaments Industry.
        They just don’t like it
        when things get too friendly.

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      3. Mandela, of course,
        perfectly paired with Gandhi G.
        Of course, it’s always about
        green and gold network
        strings made of grey
        pulled like the ones on
        Iron Mountain (so they say)

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    1. I tried to rescue him
      … but too late.
      Several states in Australia have
      banned the cuddling of Koala’s
      which is a good thing. They just
      want to chew gum leaves, and
      spend koalaty time hanging out
      with the family.


    1. Many have tried …
      No, I’ve been unplugged and out
      of range for a while ….
      and my access to WordPress was
      scrambled (and meddled with by a
      well meaning friend ). So had to
      refollow to be sure.

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      1. Phew, no dastardly plot then
        Your words have calmed this self-made squall
        One can never be too careful these days! 😀

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      2. Sampson of long hair
        made many a bad decision
        caught unaware
        and shorn by Delilah
        for those of no circumcision.
        Was being a Philistine
        some idolatrous crime?
        I guess you just
        had to be there.

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      3. Cyrus the Great, in sharp opposition
        Though brother of the Philistine persuasion
        Was beloved by Jew, Greek and Persian alike
        Encouraging religious harmony with his grace
        No Samson ever showed him the mace
        Ataxerxes and Esther, speak a similar story
        Of fairness by hegemonies seeking religious harmony.

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      4. As old tyrants go
        new tyrants come
        King Nebuchadnezzar
        was a Neo Babylonian
        Age ruthless conqueror
        soon followed by his
        Johnny Rotten son
        Amel-Marduk the Evil
        A right royal punk
        … and then some
        Freedom of faith
        always in peril

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  1. That was fun! Thanks. Ha, I too used to have a Che tee which I proudly wore. I used to have a crush on Che. And I admired his passion despite being more of a Gandhian in terms of protest approach.

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    1. Yes Luisa, I agree that peaceful
      resistance is best.
      The Revoluciòn in Cuba has been
      a constant uncomfortable reminder
      to corporate America of what
      can happen when capitalism gets
      too ruthless and greedy.
      The U.S.’s betrayed Cuba badly in
      the wash up of the Spanish-American
      War, and treated the Cuban workers
      as slaves thereafter.

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    1. Thanks Basilike.
      Glad you liked the pictures.
      The waters of a tropical
      rainforest, rich with life.
      From bottom feeders
      to hungry scaley critters.
      The crocs are indigenous
      to these parts. The camels
      are immigrants, but have
      assimilated, and fit right in.

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      1. Camels in the ‘outback’,
        where there’s been a severe
        drought, which suits them fine.
        I drove an extra 1000 kms,
        over the Tropic of Capricorn
        towards the far north tropical
        coast, past many dried up
        river beds, before finding flowing water.

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      2. I got to make a splash
        along the way, anyway.
        The locals know the rules
        for croc cohabitation.
        Unfortunately, you don’t
        swim in their waterways.
        No walking close to the edge
        of riverbanks, especially in
        the evenings. I guess the
        crocs were there first.

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      3. They don’t like ‘that fancy
        foreign stuff’ around here.
        Too many spices.
        Linda actually ate some
        crocodile kebabs. Said it
        tasted just like chicken
        ( true story ). I commented
        the crocs probably say the
        same thing about humans.

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      4. I was in Mexico last year
        for a wedding in Cancun.
        No one offered me a locust
        unfortunately. Possibly
        suspecting I was a U.S.
        Trump voting citizen.
        Incorrectly, of course
        (I was seriously considering
        getting a T-shirt printed with
        ‘Aussie, not Yankee’)
        But I was given some
        specially ‘oven baked’
        mescalina liquor. 100% proof
        of the existence of a
        sentient cactus universe.
        Tequila taken to a whole
        other level, even a dried
        crunchy locust can’t enhance.

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      1. Haha I did think that at the time! (My uncle’s BBQ put on years ago to entertain my American husband, I didn’t want to ruin the effect he was going for…but I think we were all thinking the same!)

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