Balinese Kuningan

Ten Days of Galungan

The Boys in Black

Bali Ha’i

Got a new Rolex … Only $10!

My hotel room, “with ocean view”.

The rock blow-hole geologist

The seafarer’s aquatic friend

It would seem all religions
are prone to the Predator
… Mostly in human form

The tying on of blades . . .

in the temple courtyard

Feeling lucky … punks?
Meet Dirty Harry!

Try some kite flying.
Cockfighting just
ain’t enlightening!

At Uluwatu Temple

D.&L.Redpath ยฉ 2018

90 thoughts on “Balinese Kuningan”

      1. I myself have to walk the dog, empty the dishwasher and, or was that walk the wife and empty the trash? I’d like a photo essay of your trash can, perhaps in slow-motion, with a 360-degree view, compiled by Google Photos in a photo panorama. My friends, those that claim to be my friends, and relatives will ooh and aah at my rendition of the man who claimed to be an Australian, but was only seen in his traveling shorts and shirts lacking the color, Denali Blue! I might have to order a tattoo with your name on it, in order to brag about my admiration and dedication to someone who never needs to empty his trash can, quite frankly because he never, ever is at home….

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      2. Home is where the grass grows
        . . . and where the heart is.
        I’m sure your dog loves the walks, Wayne.
        I’ve got a very small dog so I
        don’t actually need to leave
        the house for walkies.
        One bowl of dog food keeps
        her going for weeks, so we
        can get away for holiday trips.
        I try not let the grass grow
        under my itchy feet.

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      1. It is amazing to get
        off the beaten path,
        and find so many exotic
        tropical treasures
        (except the elelphants being
        driven and ridden by dumb animals).
        And yes, there was passion
        a-plenty going on at some
        of those secluded beaches ๐ŸŒด

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      1. I have heard about that. Their bodies ferment it in a certain way. Same thing with mesquite beans. I worked for a man in Texas that made mesquite bean jelly. He said the jelly was better when the beans had passed thru a local cow, first. The process of rumination changed the flavor. Heh. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜†

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      2. It’s a craptacular process that
        makes the beans of Java far more valuable. $10 a cup at
        the coffee plantation,
        no middleman … except the Lumak, of course
        (I think they saw us coming).
        I could’ve bought another
        genuine Rolex watch at Kuta
        beach for that!

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    1. Well worth the trip, Lisa.
      You can even find places,
      off the grid, with no drunken
      Aussies. Have fun in Florence.
      The Uffizi Gallery is a must.
      If you have time, visit Prato,
      just a short train trip from
      Firenze, for a nice quiet taste of Medieval Tuscany.

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      1. We’re close to bali.. Still left out in our vacation. Amazing indeed especially few pic .. I cannot take my eyes from it.. Do post when u have time david

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Will do Deepa.
        Bali has been over exploited
        as a cash cow for Jakarta,
        without putting much back
        by way of infrastructure. But
        there is still much wonder to
        be found off the beaten track.


  1. Oh gosh!!! WOWOW and THANK YOU! These were amazing. It was fun to trek along. You brought tears to my eyes. So many people I know have spend substantial time in Bali. We have GOT to go. Cheers and Thanks again!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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