88 thoughts on “Orphans of Nepal”

    1. Yes Drew, I was tempted to quote from
      that song, ‘Streets of London’, but decided
      against it;
      “So how can you tell me that you’re lonely
      And say for you that the sun don’t shine
      Let me take you by the hand
      and lead you through the streets of London
      I’ll show you something
      to make you change your mind.”
      ~ Ralph McTell

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    1. We were just the delivery service, BC.
      But it was a pleasure to be the FedEx man
      (I personally would avoid the plastic).
      Some of the older kids, going on to higher
      education, were given laptops by a very
      generous anonymous benefactor.

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    1. Victoria, we almost had to call in rescue
      workers, with their Jaws of Life,to get one
      baby released from a tenacious grip.
      True 😏!
      The the older kids help look the younger
      ones. The orphanage functions as one big happy family. So don’t feel sad for them.
      It’s the ones cast out on the dirt streets, and
      never get to know such a joyous place, that
      are the real tragedy.


  1. It is hard to listen to those eyes while they speak volumes, but important not to look away… and then those smiles. Thank you for sharing them.

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  2. I have a very big soft spot for Nepal and its orphans, David. For years I supported an Indie non-commercial assistance project through a local storekeeper. That project has since folded and I am always interested to hear of other projects in the country. Can you tell me more?

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    1. The couple who run this particular
      orphanage are well and truly involved in
      helping out the broader community.
      With employment projects, and even
      providing clean water plus sewage
      infrastructure projects for entire villages.
      I’ll add some contact details … HERE … soonish. Thanks for the interest 💛

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      1. Amanda, the orphanage is moving to
        Pokohra later this year … for cleaner air
        and a nice new purpose made building.
        The friends we travelled with also raise
        funds for an old folks home + homeless
        boy’s refuge. They tell me the orphanage
        doesn’t yet have a direct website for
        donations. Perhaps when they are set
        up in their new location.
        In the meantime, if you’re interested
        Amanda, our friends, Mark & Natalie,
        do have a Facebook site;



  3. So touched by images of orphan kids, DR. These ones have some wonderful eyes and smiles. I visited orphanages in Africa three years ago, and have adopted a boy from there — who is like an infinite gift which keeps unraveling a new layer. I was so impressed by the sense of communal spirit I saw in these children, and humbled to see that it hadn’t been taught. It just is. https://skirmisheswithreality.net/2016/12/09/ouagadougou-orphanages/
    Mucho thanks to your camera eye.

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    1. Yes, it was a privilege to visit and spend a
      little time there, where the children are
      surrounded with loving care.
      One of my son’s, and his wife, ran an
      orphanage in Kenya for a couple of years.
      Some of the stories they tell are absolutely
      heartbreaking. To sponsor a disadvantaged
      child is one of the most rewarding things
      a person can do. Well done R.S. 😎

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