75 thoughts on “Known to God”

      1. I didn’t even know the Bali terror bombing memorial
        was there in Westminster.
        And there was Sue’s name,
        ten thousand miles from home.
        A friend and colleague of some 16 years, frozen in time,
        and set in tomb of tears.

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      2. It all happened over fifteen years ago, but standing in front
        of the memorial …
        I now understand the function
        of these all too frequent
        commemoration ceremonies.
        And to then, soldier on.
        Thanks for enquiring, Basilike.

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    1. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Sibyl.
      With the shocking news out of New Zealand
      today, I felt the need to reblog this post.
      I lived there, on the south island, for a while
      and a more peaceful idyllic place you’ll not
      find. So it makes this latest murderous
      hateful outrage even more incomprehensible.

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      1. PS. When Bitterness festers
        it can become Malevolent
        And once the Mind takes that journey
        on the road back to HELL
        all the Hopes & Dreams that mind once had
        DIES along with the Spirit.
        ECCE HOMO
        There is a difference between
        A Warrior’s Heart of Gold whose Love can Heal
        and Save the Brave whose SOULS HE led
        Immortal are the Minds Love Wed.
        He was also known as Ganymede
        (Not to be confused with Narcissus)
        And Baldur whose wife Nana
        was also known as Mary
        labeled Prostitute by BITTERNESS
        and MALEVOLENCE.
        PEACE OF MIND is hard to come by
        BUT WE WILL

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  1. Peace and love dear person. Remember this, with every eye you see. How we all have a mirror to the history of such stories, how we are connected. Behind all eyes is such a story.

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      1. We fell in love with the South Island of NZ too, impossible not to. We were so fortunate to go to a Vespers service in the Christchurch cathedral before the earthquake devastation.
        We picked up a hitch hiker as we drove around, a social worker from London which was really interesting.
        Some of my favourite memories. I’m sure you must have loved living there!
        It is so hard to imagine this kind of violence there. ๐Ÿ’”

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      2. Yes, Vanessa. I went there for a short holiday
        . . . ended up staying 7 months.
        I arrived in the winter, so stayed in the south
        till the end of spring. Did the Milford Sounds
        Trek, the Glow Worm Caves of Lake Te Anau,
        and generally roamed from Invercargill (that’s where sea monsters go to die) to the
        Orepuki Tuatapere area. I was told the North
        Island is for summer, so hope to go that
        way one day. This was back when N.Z. was
        quite poor, and everybody drove old Holdens
        and Ford’s exported from Australia. So, in
        the country, it was like stepping into an
        episode of The Sullivans … seriously ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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      3. How wonderful!! haha oh the Sullivans.
        I remember just eating the apples…so delicious. Much tastier than any apple I had ever had, here or in the US.
        One of the greatest tragedies of my life was accidentally erasing the memory card with all of our photos on it. ๐Ÿ’”

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      4. A tragedy Indeed, Vanessa.
        I went without a camera, in the long distant
        days before digital & smart phones. But I
        did buy a disposable celluloid camera ๐Ÿ“ท
        whilst there. The pics have faded, but better
        than an erased nothing.
        I was a Vegetarian when I first arrived in
        New Zealand, but it became apparent that
        if I was to survive out in the country, I’d
        need to become carnivorous ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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      5. Ah I remember those good ole disposables. We had them at our wedding. Sigh how ironic that it would have been wonderful if I’d had a film camera. Anyway…

        You became carnivorous hey? Lol. Did you wrap yourself in possum fur too? I was intrigued by the beautiful possum fur products

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      6. When I was staying with a local family in
        Orepuki, the son invited me to go check the
        possum traps with him. It was an experience
        I wish I could forget ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿคฎ


  2. Ok. My WP app is not notifying me about your posts…like it should.๐Ÿ˜–โ˜น

    NZ should not have happened. How awful. What we are hearing is, the guy was Australian?

    They are also pushing the narrative of ‘white supremacy’ and…*facepalm*…claiming he was somewhere with a Confederate Flag. I have had my fill of this nonsense. I will never apologize for being white or Southern.

    I’m sorry for their loss. Thanks for your post.

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    1. It happens, Victoria. WordPress has even
      unfollowed, on my behalf, sites that I’m
      following. Leaving me to wonder where
      they’ve gone.
      Yes, this despicable loser had spent
      only 45 days of the past three years in
      Australia. He blames his white supremacist
      views on what he saw of Islamic terrorism
      whilst living and travelling in Europe.
      My wife and I were in Spain when the
      La Rambla terror attack occurred.
      We saw the traumatic impact it had on
      the Spanish people. But no talk of revenge.
      No ‘eye for an eye’ reaction …
      For violence begets only more violence.
      And hatred breeds & feeds even more hatred.

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