Is She … ?

Is she
beyond me?
Another love refugee
from behind a veil
upon a prevailing trail
that has led her to flee
My very being
wholly captivated
With me
will she be
totally satiated?
Is she soul free?
Is she emancipated
from the old man
of cruelest slavery?

As some men are driven
striven upon the winds
of unkind tradition
and blind desperation
to take
and consume
the fruits of creation
Leaving only a tide high
of destruction upon the ocean
of love’s shattered reflection
A lonesome wake
For heaven’s sake
take care
Naked and exposed
That’s the risk
she should never take

As for me
is she to be
my conscience
of compassion?
My soul companion
clear through
to eternity?
Across the sea
of unbridled passion
with a love
you just can’t forsake
My lucky star of destiny
Is this predestination?
A burning fusion
you just can’t fake

This deal
it must be real
above and beyond
as my very best
is put to the test
How much more
can a poor boy take?
Body and soul
in need of rest
Yet the very memory
of her first touch
that killer thrill
it chills me still
Her private intensity
kept behind a lock
consuming my key
as we tumble the latch
dissolving in ecstasy
Will she forever be
the unraveling of mystery
seizing all my uncertainty

is she
just too much for me?
Is she
mine to take?
I’m too far gone
It’s way too late
All my reserve
all my restraint
melting upon the infinite
Under the glare
of a falling star
I forever surrender
to a celestial fate
As with her
in paradise I linger
Heaven can wait

Words & PhotoArt:
~ David B. Redpath © 2018

First Published
March 8, 2018
on Morality Park

76 thoughts on “Is She … ?”

  1. Absolutely fantastic, Lord Redpath. I’m getting a major strumming my pain with his fingers feeling here. You describe my nascent relationship in terms I merely grope for.
    Hats off to your talent, as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One word…wow!! I’m now following because oh my goodness, it is rare to find such a literary poet in the world of blogs. Can I dare to compare this poem to former great classic poets of bygone years? Yes, I can! David…I’m a new fan and as a struggling poet, I feel like I am reading a master. x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wondering aloud
        Will the years treat us well
        As she floats in the kitchen,
        I’m tasting the smell…
        And it’s only the giving
        That makes you what you are

        Liked by 2 people

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