Who Did What!?

An English Rose in the throes
of a Time and Space Wanderlust
As scarlet petals
strewn upon the roof
of a Tardis in full thrust
Where beauty meets the beast
a bad wolf is howling
Waves of gravity rising
from an Eventful Horizon
Rose Tyler, the best of the best
Captain Jack Harkness could never
come between her and the Doctor
Even in the darkness of outer space

After saving this existence, and
the Doctor himself, more than once . . .

. . . from enemies not so nice

. . . with absolutely no fashion sense!

Only to be plucked and abandoned upon
that accursed Doomsday parallel universe.
For Rose Tyler had gazed directly into the Eye of Harmony, the Tardis power source, receiving a Meta-Radiation burst.
The Doctor may have two, but poor Rose
was left with her one heart broken πŸ’”

The Price of Alien Love

. . . Or did it just happen?
On Gallifrey you can never be certain.
Anyway, the High Council decided that
with each ensuing regeneration, there will
be a lowering of the Doctor’s testosterone.
Till eventually he manifests as a woman.
Not so much as a punishment, but an act
of political correctness (Time Lords do
seem to have high opinions of themselves).
Since the Doctor, throughout all of time and space, was married to River Song, all along
(Yes Doctor, remember her … the chaotic
cosmic daughter of the fiery Amy Pond?)!

The two timing Time Lord regenerates into something more comfortably androgynous
(not that David Tennant was some hairy
chested Scotsman).

For there are always humanoids
in desperate need of saving . . .

from creatures seeking a hit of caffeine

And to unravel conspiracies most alien

~ by David B. Redpath Β© 2019

73 thoughts on “Who Did What!?”

      1. It has it’s ups and downs.
        But I find the science to be sound,
        and the philosophy most profound,
        for a BBC TV show. The same people
        who gave the world Monty Python.
        I’ve been watching Dr. Who since I was
        just a jelly baby in a Time Lord’s pocket.
        I guess some people never grow up 😎

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      2. Tom Baker’s Doctor Who, along with
        Sarah Jane and K-9, would probably be my
        all time favourite. With his wardrobe and
        persona, he was the Bob Dylan Doctor Who.


    1. I’ve stumbled on the side
      of twelve misty mountains.
      I’ve walked and I’ve crawled
      on six crooked highways,
      since my time machine broke down
      in front of a dozen dead oceans.
      Way down south, Basilike,
      Winter is coming, like a freight train.
      The winter of our discontent . . .
      so I’m getting geared up to drive
      the 3,741 kilometres straight
      to the far end of this continent.
      Tropical Darwin or bust.
      Very happy to have brought
      a smile to your face with
      my frivolous little post 😎

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      1. Lord Stark can protect the North.
        I’ll give him a hand where I can
        with a big piece of dragon glassπŸ‰
        If I survive, I’m planning to sail
        for the Adriatic next Euro Summer,
        so I’ll be seeking your sage advice 😎

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    1. Β Thanks Charlie for taking the trek πŸ––
      Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
      is the place to be. But with Rose🌹 aboard
      the TARDIS, the Doctor went backwardness
      instead of forwards, and became a SIDRAT 😎

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      1. Sorry to break it to you,
        I’m a star wars fan & Marvel fan as well. πŸ™‚

        Your responses are always poetic and very well written my friend. πŸ™‚

        P.S Have you read my latest? trust me you’ll like the new direction I’m going with.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. May the force from the true source
        be ever with you, Charlie 😎

        I do have a small dose of hope
        that planetary despondency
        will not leave us swinging from
        a slow motion instant karmic rope πŸ™

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Unfortunately, the secondΒ Law of
        Thermodynamics, would indicate that mankind will fall on the plastic sword.
        This law of entropy helps to explain
        our collective apathy at the messy
        state our westernised culture creates.
        We currently have the technology and
        resources to solve most of the world’s
        problems. The only thing missing is the
        resolve to pay the price, bite the bullet,
        and do it.


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    You are one of my friends and readers most faithful to my site and my art.
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    1. There were some ‘Daddy Issues’ going on
      with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.
      Eccleston also had issues with the show’s
      producers. Hence his early departure.
      But the real sexual tension started when
      David Tennant started waving around his
      sonic screwdriver 😎


      1. Yeah. Russell T. Davies made him miserable.

        Tennant was great, too. I’m just an Eccleston fan. He’s a bit over two years my senior.

        Rolls were reversed with The Doctor & River Song. Alex Kingston is old enough to be Smith’s mother. I wonder how she would have played against Eccleston…

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      2. But Capaldi could play a mean guitar.
        A strange coincidence, Victoria . . .
        In the movie World War Z, with Brad Pitt,
        Capaldi played a small role as the doctor
        working for the World Health Organisation.
        Yes, he was already the Doctor from WHO,
        years before he landed the gig as Who 😎


      3. I remember that. I recognized him immediately because of his appearance in Doctor Who in 2008’s “Fires of Pompeii”.
        He was a gifted player. But, seriously…the Who writing started to suck…out loud. They turned Clara into a complete bitch (she was fun with Smith) & if I heard Bill mention one more time that she was gay, I was gonna scream.
        I really, really tried to watch the Whittaker series. There’s no fun, no whimsy, no amusing banter…it’s depressing & preachy.

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      4. Sadly, political correctness has taken all
        the fun out of time travel πŸ˜ͺ
        The Master has taken over, and we are all
        being socially engineered by alien stealth.
        As the Christopher Eccleston Doctor was
        once asked, “Is a slave still a slave if he
        doesn’t know he’s a slave?”. To which the
        Doctor answered with a swift & firm, “Yes!”.
        Interestingly, in that storyline, humanity
        was being enslaved by an all powerful
        alien by means of controlling information.
        Simply telling people what & how to think.
        I do believe in live & let live, unlike the
        Sultan of Brunei. But let’s not be told what
        to think by armchair moralists who seek
        to deny the freedom of speech, and belief,
        from everyone they disagree with.


    1. Thanks Bojana 😎
      Of a song that reminds me.

      “Well, I try my best
      to be just like I am
      But everybody wants you
      to be just like them
      They say sing while you slave
      and I just get bored
      Ah, I ain’t gonna work
      on Maggie’s farm no more.”
      ~ Bob Dylan

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      1. The Doctor is no ambivalent Mr.Spock πŸ––
        Nor some opinionated rabid shock jock.
        Just the man to give humanity a hand when battling an alien Morlock in a frock πŸ‘½ πŸ‘€πŸ•ΆοΈ

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  2. How I listen for the cranking twirling wind of the Tardis, coming to whisk me away. The safety of the very tall Doctor and his scarf of many neverending colors indeed a hero in my mind. Who among us expresses such humorous candor in so simply elegant ways anymore? 😞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tom Baker is the Doctor who imprinted
      the image of a benign alien superhero
      on my young impressionable mind.
      Alas, Orson Welles was never destined
      to become a regeneration of the Doctor.
      But it isn’t too late for Billy Connolly, or
      John Cleese, to get the gig? Perhaps
      Bernie Sanders might be interested😎


      1. I’d suspect Doctor Monty Python’s first
        mission would be to unmask the alien
        conspiracy behind the Spanish Inquisition πŸ‘½
        Nobody would be expecting that 😎


      1. Try & Buy? Turn & Burn? Top & Bottom? πŸ€”
        Like deep space, the possibilities are endless.
        Down Under we do B&B (beer & breakfast) 🍺
        But the Doctor need come to Australia.
        Here the aliens are friendly, and everything
        is bonza beauty mate! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž


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