Sailing High in Creation


Riding the bounds
Sailing high in creation
Things that astound
on the wing
in the deep
and under the ground
Yet consciousness
hard up against the glass
of this broken existence
Confiscated by the State
as a piece of degenerate art
then sold as a slave
to the black market of fate
I made the big break
for the heights of Montmartre
A spirited defence
yet only token the resistance
at the cutting edge
of forsaken circumstance

Always the destination
long distance
Life and death
upon a razor’s edge
and out of balance
What are the chances
upon the dire straights
of consequence?

The endless striving
History always trying
to escape repeating
some kind of mess
Last seen slumped
over a bottle of whiskey
trying to drown himself
His wife … Destiny
beside herself with grief.

Only Hope … Faith
and above all … Love
within a grand plan
making a true stand
above and beyond
all the push and shove
Overtaking the road rage
of an out of control
self seeking
high speed data age
Making sense
with the Desiderata
a mantra for the sage
Gracefully spanning
the endless distance
flowing across
life’s open page

beyond subsistence
And with spiritual resilience
joining the Resistance
From weak to strong
The Blessing
a journey long
fighting for the right
through the darkness of night
to the days of clear light
With life overflowing
and flowing over
this material existence

The eternal reprieve
I believe in Equality
Liberty & Fraternity
with the Spirit of divine unity
In diversity with generosity
through Christ Jesus
the author of all eternity

Sailing high in creation
past the tempest
upon the open seas
and all 360 degrees
of the deepest separation
Jesus Christ
my journey of destination
Infinite destiny
in every direction
Riding the bounds
Sailing high in creation

~ by David B. Redpath © 2017-19

Artwork: ‘Survey No.3’
~ by David B. Redpath © 2017


A Reflective Study of
‘Le Oranti'(The Worshipers)
~ by Antonio Santagata

78 thoughts on “Sailing High in Creation”

  1. I’ve been sailing and seen Eleven Shades Of Ocean Sunrises, and a wondrous Circumference of endless horizons, and I’ve stuck with a missing Stroke, Who’s left To Row The Boat, and as I keep on sailing to the edge, I wonder about creation and finality of my high seas.

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    1. Thanks for that, Ivor.
      For those who go to sea;

      “Oh, the time will come up
      When the winds will stop
      And the breeze will cease to be breathin’
      Like the stillness in the wind
      Before the hurricane begins
      The hour that the ship comes in

      And the seas will split
      And the ship will hit
      And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking
      Then the tide will sound
      And the wind will pound
      And the morning will be breaking

      Oh, the fishes will laugh
      As they swim out of the path
      And the seagulls they’ll be smiling
      And the rocks on the sand
      Will proudly stand
      The hour that the ship comes in
      ~ Bob Dylan

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    1. Thanks exceedingly, Charlie.
      I thought you had gone away
      on a Taliban bowl made of china?
      Or that Chlorofluorocarbon
      ride to the sky you had taken?
      Only to find someone had
      fiddled with my notification

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      1. Charlie, I think I may have
        worked for the same firm once,
        ‘Heavy Metal Toxins ‘R’ Us’.
        Hard to write when the
        brainstem in soaking in regurgant detergent.
        Toxins in, Russian envoys out.
        Like jobs, they come and go.
        Glad to read your beaming 😀
        poetic posts 📪 again ~ David.

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  2. David, this is a wonderful piece of witness.

    I did not join this, the faith in which I was raised and which, nevertheless and of course, influences my every thought. But I want to ask if you know of Rupert Sheldrake? Biochemist, parapsychologist, who returned to Christianity after working in India.

    Vast mind. Now heavily boycotted here and there for the very vastness. His wife, Jill Purse, of the extraordinary voice. His sons, Merlin and Cosmo, moving into the same vastness.

    Do you know them? You will forgive me for mentioning them here. But I think your witness, it’s style and breadth makes you their kith and kin. And if you do not know them, they may give you heart. Even if you already have great heart.


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    1. I don’t know of this Rupert Sheldrake,
      but his story sounds very interesting,
      Sarah. We are all on a journey of discovery, and no two are the same.
      Stories of a realization of the divine
      and coming into some kind of intimate
      relationship with the God of love, I find
      to be beyond inspiring.

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  3. Man, David! Read this one twice. Once outloud. Epically beautiful, as always. Lord!!! And the art is wonderful as well. Now I just need to pick the pieces of my brain that You scattered all about up off the floor! The reconstruction may be a good thing! Thank You so much and Cheers! 💖🌀☀️🙏🏼💖


    1. Poetry can be good brain salad surgery 😎
      Good for reframing life, and opening up
      a door into the spiritual … ♾️🚪👀
      Thank you Katy, for partaking with an open
      heart … and mind 🙏💛

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  4. I do remember this poem. I can tell you have revised it and made the tone of the poem itself to a more dada form. The visuals communicate with the reader in its finest examples of how visuals have a strength within your emotion of words and wisdom. Truly I love what you have done here. 🙂

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    1. After taking a vacation to the mind of
      Marcel Duchamp, encamped at a soup
      kitchen in Caracas, I find my mind has
      become comfortably Dada. With much
      Venezueling and teeth gnashing …
      Thanks Charlie for noticing 🙏😎

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  5. I’ve always been leery of writing that leans back into worshipesque zeal at any point, but I’ve got to say, this whole piece was a wonderful saga that didn’t give me that uncomfortable feeling. I sometimes get squirrely on the subject matter when it crosses the gab between spiritual and religious based on personal issues. That said, beautifully written, a great trip/journey to go on. Thanks so much for sharing and I appreciate the talent that you used to paint the words out so elegantly.

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    1. Thank you for the positive feedback.
      I can relate to where you’re coming from
      as one who has a lifelong condition
      diagnosed as an allergy to religion.
      As Plato pointed out, the human condition
      is an endless search for perfection, in
      a chaotic universe. All I can say, is that
      one day, perfection caught up with me
      when I wasn’t even looking.

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      1. New phone with an untamed spell check.
        Perhaps ‘cindirion’ relates to the sins
        inflicted upon Orion, in Android Mandarin?
        You’re welcome on the highway of bloggery
        any time 😎

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  6. Curious, David, have you always been a Christian, or was there some recent occurrence that precipitated your conversion on the road to Damascus? None of my business of course. Just curious.


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