62 thoughts on “Justified and Ancient”

      1. Sadly, traditional family centred culture
        is on the run just about everywhere.
        Gobalism seems to take no prisoners.
        Many of the elderly, being looked after
        by the church at Banepa, do have family.
        But, like in China, they are taken away
        by the demands of the New World
        Economic Order, in a world gone wrong.
        Where elderly grandparents are left to
        raise young children, who rarely see
        their parents.

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      2. It’s so hard when they leave. A huge part of my heart is in the UK. I only get to see them once a year if that. My heart goes out to these elders and children, missing pieces of their hearts too. I know in modern world distance isn’t a problem for staying in touch, but there is nothing like the physical presence of our beloveds. 🙏💕.

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      3. {{{{{David+Linda}}}} I wrote a poem a few years ago about kids being our hearts walking around outside our bodies. And traveling and living overseas. And swimming in cages near great whites. And jumping out of perfectly good airplanes! Two of my kids did that 2nd one so far. Eesh. *falls over* ♥.

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    1. Yes Drew. A small price to pay
      for Wisdom of the Ancients 🙏

       “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo,
      going out your door. You step onto
      the road, and if you don’t keep your
      feet, there’s no knowing where you
      might be swept off to.”
      ~ Bilbo Baggins

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      1. Winter in Kathmandu , no cleansing
        wind till the rains return. The rickshaw
        and taxi drivers burn street litter,
        mostly discarded plastic, to keep
        warm. Mixed with exhaust fumes, the
        effect is a toxic cough that can take
        weeks to get rid of.

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! This is beyond brilliant!!! What lovely people! Sigh. Thank You for the joy Y’all just gifted! My smile is becoming too big for my face and laughter is about the only sound I can make right now! So lovely. Cheers and Rock on, You Two!!! 💖💖💖

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  2. These are incredible and beautiful photos and I am glad I got to see them. Thank you so much for sharing them, I have been interested in traveling to Nepal and that area for awhile now, and this is a nice reminder 😉

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