A Distant Recollection


Once upon a time

loving kindness

that orphaned daughter

of some forgotten martyr

from a far off constellation

just waiting to happen …

Once drifting so fine

in my distant recollection

a brother lost

distracted by an attraction

to the stranger of danger

and the mother of all crime

Becoming a pawn

in that never ending

murderous game

of worldly power

and territorial gain

the soldier of misfortune

now marching to the tune

of a traumatized mind

On the dirty street corner

sprawled upon yesterday’s paper

used and discarded

“Can you spare a dime?”

scrawled on a sign

The whole Earth is our father’s land

Loving Kindness … once upon a time

Words and Image;
~ David B Redpath © 2018

48 thoughts on “A Distant Recollection”

    1. I completely agree with Susan. With your photo and poem you are sending a very powerful message to all the human souls. Please, react to such injustice! As I read each and every line of yours I felt goosebumps at the prospects of so many vulnerable people our world constantly turns its back on.

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      1. It does seem that the world system
        approves of there being big winners
        at the direct expense of everyone
        else … making us all untouchables.
        The collateral damage is acceptable,
        indeed, profitable. The Economic High
        Priests know that war and poverty
        is very good for business.
        But Peace will come, putting a final
        end to this current darkness.
        Thanks for reading, Marta 💛

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      2. Lovely message of hope, so eloquently expressed! We should never lose hope. I love your golden heart (I mean yours as a human being and the graphic sign you send me). Love Peace and Justice 💜❤🙏🌈

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      3. “The best and most beautiful things in
        the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart 💖”
        ~ Helen Keller

        Bless you, Marta.
        Your writings truly reveal a poets heart.

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      4. Bless you too, David. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am flattered. You are a an artist and poet’s heart, very talented. Always a pleasure to come back to your blog. 💖”

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  1. Heart felt and meaningful prose … inspires gratitude for what we have and the urge to help our fellow humans no matter what their creed, culture or colour.

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    1. In the privileged west homelessness just
      doesn’t make any sense, as our leaders of
      gross entitlement plan their next junket at
      the taxpayer’s expense. Mental health gets short shrift and swept under the carpet of
      an ever growing “Defence” budget.
      As the armaments industry laughs all the
      way to the bank 🏦 Extreme capitalism
      has no interest in relieving the plight of
      the poverty-stricken. It doesn’t add up
      on greed’s balance sheet.
      Thanks Charlie for being the difference 😎

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      1. Our governments are tied up in such conflict they don’t know what to focus on and where to start. By helping out the homeless people/veterans that should be the priority to help those in need and forget about the other stuff. Then again, there needs to be balanced in the system…nevertheless, the system itself seems unbalanced for many reasons on their part.
        You’re welcome, David. I do what I can to help.

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    1. The pic was taken on the Golden Mile,
      Edinburgh. Outside a pub there, where
      he, a former soldier, and his dog were
      being well taken care of by the clientele
      and the generosity of passers by.
      I’ve worked with ex servicemen, from
      Israel to the United Kingdom. There is
      no unseeing what they’ve experienced.

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  2. despair…
    the photo is very powerful. your words are an excellent frame.
    i’m not sure who looks worse. the dog or the man. together they bind the world in its conflict.

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