24 thoughts on “ANATOMIC”

      1. AHHHH! I love it! Yay!!! 🤗🍓🍊🍉!!!
        ❤️ That bacca bac was supposed to the Beach Boys singing ‘Good Vibrations’…but I like the turn You took! New land! Creative Adventure Supreme!!! 😃!

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  1. Whoa. Certainly a wonderful art piece. I was never a lot into Dali, but maybe you’ve sparked an interest. I was more of a Pablo, Vincent guy. Nice to see this here.
    I also loved ‘The swimming pool’ at the Guggenheim.

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    1. Once I entered Salvador Dali’s house
      in Figueres, there was no coming back.
      Pablo and Salvador were art school
      friends, who continued to influence
      each other. Consequently, the art
      world become much richer. I did
      get to see some wonderful Picasso’s
      in Barcelona and Malaga, but it got
      a bit embarrassing when the gallery
      was full of young school children,
      as many of his works require a triple
      XXX rating 😎

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      1. I just went back to seeing some of Salvador’s works and the surrealist charm is striking indeed. I actually didn’t know that Picasso and Dali were close, so that is certainly a nice piece of coincidence. The two literally changed the face of modern art!

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      2. They’re both Spanish, so spoke
        the same lingo 😎 They even hung
        out around Montmartre during the
        golden days of Parisian culture.
        I highly recommended the movie
        ‘Midnight in Paris’, for a little taste.

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      3. Yes. I just googled them both and it is quite surprising how both of them were so similar. Of course their ways of expressing were slightly different, say The Guernica, however it slowly shows the influence.
        And yes, if the movie is the Owen Wilson one, it surely beautiful with its soul in Paris. I haven’t actually seen it, but have heard of it quite a lot of times. Maybe it goes up my watchlist.

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    1. Indubitably, Kritika 😎

      According to some, observation
      is the greatest source of wisdom.
      According to Leonard Cohen . . .

      “You can add up the parts
      you won’t have the sum.
      You can strike up the march,
      there is no drum
      Every heart,
      every heart to love will come,
      but like a refugee.
      Ring the bells that still can ring.
      Forget your perfect offering.
      There is a crack,
      a crack in everything.
      That’s how the light gets in.”

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