Can you measure
a bird of flight
by the weight
of a single feather?
Can you look
into the face of a child
and not see
the deepest treasure?
Yellow, black,
brown, or white …
love divine
is at the heart
of the matter
Where hatred
is a raging river
there’s a purpose
for the yet to be
hero of great valour
who sees beyond
the muddied surface
More precious
than gold or silver
that wide eyed innocence
The loving potential
of the truly essential
… Imaginessence

At times
we all get it wrong
In the weakness of the body
we can still be spirit strong
The mountain ahead
and the power to leap it
Man, you know
who you are
and to whom you belong
You have the birthright
to claim and proclaim it
Finding everlasting joy
in the presence
The attaining
of true happiness
In essence
we are all made
deep at the core
from and for
that celestial sublime
… Imaginessence

The very best
version of oneself
always hidden
under the mask
Slow and steady
with wisdom
from within
the living heart
of holy mindfulness
Upon tasks anointed
and appointed
with steadfast allegiance
Deeds that echo
with consequence
beyond the callous
Loving mercy
Doing justice
Peaceful resistance
with a rock solid defence
against the corruption
of this current darkness
Make no mistake
The stakes are high
the tide is risings
and the times
are getting serious
But just a smile
of amazing graciousness
can be all that it takes
That glowing radiance
magnifying significance
flowing with
… Imaginessence

The doing
of hard time
It don’t come easy
Life is no soft serve
nor a sugary drink
all bubbly and fizzy
Yet dream big, baby
under the heavens
To funnel the flood
down tunnel visions
In the deepest valley
I can still hear laughter
from where the water
of life is flowing
through the house
of the living
For across the road
a fire is burning
Knowledge swelling
with voices many
“If you cannot
bring good news,
then don’t bring any!”
Cease and desist
the bleating
of religulous repetition
The loving word
better heard in a smile,
a tear, a kiss, a caress
An exhibition
of true forgiveness
The real deal
in Christ Jesus
driving away fear
All bold and courageous
without pretence
within that divine gift
of wide eyed innocence

As the eagle
gathers height
upon thermal currents
of pure delight
with true love in focus
… Imaginessence

Words & Image:
~ by David B. Redpath Β© 2018-2020

77 thoughts on “IMAGINESSENCE”

  1. A chant to our divine gift of imagination. The romantic poets like Wordsworth, Collerige et al would love this. Love your word creation “Imaginessence”. Deeply philosophial, existentialist and beautifully expressed as always. The whole poem has a special flow of its own, like the waves of the ocean and the soft wind that gently fill your soul. The first opening lines ending in a question with the images of the bird and the child are already very powerful. Your poem is like a river with some places to linger and then it falls again torrentially in waterfalls. Love this:

    “The water of life
    through the house
    of the living”

    It reminds me of ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus where life is a constant flow. We never bathe in the same river while thousands of rivers slip through our skins. I believe such is also the power of “Imaginessence”.

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    1. Thank very much, Marta.
      So glad you connected with
      this one. Don’t know about
      Wordsworth, but a favoured
      Talking Heads song of mine;
      ‘Take me to the river,
      drop me in the water
      Take me to the river,
      dip me in the water
      Washing me down,
      washing me down’.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you very much, Walt.
      “Looking through my window”,
      like Bob Dylan watching
      the river flow, I see
      the wisdom in your writing. Like Eric, the Clapton says,
      “Love is lovely … let it grow”.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The rhetorical question:
    Can you measure
    a bird of flight
    by the weight
    of a single feather ?
    kept me reading your poem to see how you would develop your deep thoughts. A great write!

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  3. Oh David. This is amazing. You are SO clever with poetry. I could read you for ever. I just adore your work. I read it and think one thought, but then there are a thousna more thoughts that come to me with each phrase that you write. You are my poet of all time. Thankyou SO much for your words

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much,
      I don’t what to say,
      for words I am lost.
      It may take a while
      for me to recover,
      and blog my next post.
      And BeeZeeGee,
      It will all be your fault.

      Seriously, thank you for
      the complimentary comment.
      I have my source of
      eternal inspiration, and
      I’m not about to let go.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautiful treat to arrive here and experience Imaginessence. I knew I was in great company when spying the Talking Heads reference. I have a deep appreciation for the lyrical expression, especially when put to music. Reading the comments and your subsequent replies says so much.

    Thank you for sharing David and for taking the time to follow my Expressions. I look forward to spending time lost in your words and sharing so many more of my own. 🧑

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    1. We stand on the shoulders
      of lyrical poetic giants.
      Some of whom fought for
      the freedom of expression
      we now revel in.
      Much of my inspiration comes whilst listening to
      the music 🎢 of the truth
      seeking/freedom generation.
      Thanks C.M.C. for sharing.

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  5. David… your poetry and image just brought me happy tears and head-tingles. It’s rare that happens for me when reading online these days. Thank you for sharing. So very beautiful. A powerful and important message I completely agree with.
    “Cease and desist
    the bleating
    of religious repetition
    The loving word
    better heard in a smile,
    a tear, a kiss, a caress
    An exhibition
    of true forgiveness”
    Wow. So perfectly put. Bravo. πŸ’›
    The statue and the artwork you made from it is also amazing. πŸ“ΈπŸŒ…πŸ§‘πŸŽ¨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanking you endearingly, Lia πŸ™
      I greatly appreciate your response πŸ’›
      During this current lock down
      my heart seems to be wandering
      the highlands of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
      I found that statue of a mother
      with her child at the Kelvingrove
      Art Gallery in Glasgow. There was
      no religious iconography attached.
      Just an expression of pure emotion.

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  6. Some future Thesaurus will be very enhanced with your creative vocabulary, David. I think it’s so cool to formulate and embellish our words– especially, through the verse we create in poetry. Always enjoy reading your stuff.

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  7. Love you works so vibrant and bouyant would you consider submitting some works to my site Myfanwy and friends free to submit works wanting time illustrate that our writing styles are as unique as we each are They would then be showcased on site and twitter too email:


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