Mother [2]

. . . Happy Mother’s Day 🌹❀️ 😎

David & Linda Redpath Β© 2021

Artwork by Multiple Michael;

48 thoughts on “Mother [2]”

    1. That wattle tree planted itself right
      on the fence line, and the fencing
      man said to remove it. Fortunately,
      there’s plenty more around here …
      🎢So … don’t cry for that tree,
      Christina. The truth is it had to go 😎

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    1. Thanks Liz. Normally I give trees
      a big hug πŸŒ²πŸ’š but this one got to
      a size, reaching for the skies, that
      it had to be euphanized.
      We keep a bull, Dazza πŸ‚ and a
      sheep, Chop Chop πŸ‘ to keep the
      grass down, but it’s all a bit too
      much for them. So now Freddie🐐
      is here to give them a hand 😎

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  1. Yes, Mother won’t have to worry about the wattle tree falling down and crashing the picket fence.
    Some fool cut it down and she need worry no more.
    I suspect the tree cutter was some ASIO operative with High Level Top Secret Security Clearance.

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    1. A belated Happy Mother’s Day
      to you too, Christopher 🌹😎

      ASIO’s finest agents are lumberjacks,
      recruited for their uncanny ability to
      see the woods, despite all the trees 🌲

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    1. That wattle was rotten to the
      core, and what’s more, the fence
      wasn’t big enough for the two of us.
      It was me or that tree, John. Even
      Freddie the goat would agree 🐐


    1. Being rotten to the core
      ’twas just a matter of time ⌚
      till that old tree 🌲
      came a-tumblin’ down ‡️
      so it was up to me 😎
      to show that wattle the doorπŸšͺ
      Since when did euphanasia
      become a federal crime? πŸ€” πŸ•ΆοΈ
      Is herbicide against the law?


    1. Very glad to hear, K 😎

      As my revered spiritual advisor,
      Blind Lemon Shaman, always says;

      “People who live in wooden houses
      shouldn’t play with matchesπŸ”₯”

      And …

      “People who live in wooden homes,
      should not throw stones 🏘️”


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