Master Racism

I followed the money trail
That sap laden root of evil
Through the land of Mordor
To the heights of Mount Doom
Only to discover
Under a shadow of gloom
The dark arts of Sauron
Veiled behind the illusion
Of a philanthropic institution
Euphemistically referred to as
A reproductive health foundation

Always in sight
That all seeing eye
Blazing bright
In a pitch black sky
Of perpetual night

By happenstance
Beyond mere coincidence
I came across Princess Eugenia
Daughter of King Xenophobia
And High Priestess of Eugenics
From the Golden Temple of Eriador
She seemed more lost than found
In that God forsaken land
In appearance
A comely maiden of grace
And beauty renowned
She greeted me eagerly
A humble Ranger of Middle-Earth
With a warm embrace
That conveyed without speech
The promise of much more
She then declared with glee
Her destiny to give birth
To the next master race
The glory of Gondor to restore
As foretold by Saruman the White
The Wizard of Isengard
And head prognosticator
For the Population Control Coucil
Located at the Rockefeller Plaza

In hot pursuit
For the fulfilment
Of such prophecy
This Eriadorian Princess
Beseeched me
To stay with her the night

“My ripened quim
flowing with sweet nectar
awaits your royal pleasure.
Betwixt our most
desirous loins entwined
shines the hope
of a triumphant future
demanding to be born.
Dearest Elessar,
(or should I address thee
as my Lord Aragorn?)
pay heed to my plea
and bequest to me the seed
of thine noble ancestry.
High King of the Dúnedain,
pray forget all about
that elf-maid Arwen.
Breed with the very best
as my pedigree will attest.
Maketh of me
your pure blood mistress.
‘Tis our divine right
to rule and reign over
the nine kingdoms
of mortal men.
A unified realm . . .
no matter the cost.
The rest bound to serve
with the worst weeded out.
‘Tis our destiny to succeed
where the Elves have failed,
as they retreat
and sail off to the West.
The future is a truly
united Middle-Earth,
ruled only by the strong.
By we of true stature
and worth. Without those
lowly halflings and dwarves.
No better than orcs . . .
they just don’t belong.”

She then motioned
To the stony ground
And began removing
Her regal gown
From somewhere afar
Came a thundering whisper …

“All that glitters is not gold.
All that is gold does not glitter.
Beware this scion from
the Witch-Realm of Angmar!
She is but a pawn
in the dead hand
of a Master Necromancer,
who’s plan is to spawn
a ruling dynasty that will be
the ruination of all humanity,
bringing only misery
and slavery to many.”

I knew that voice well
It was the Elfen Queen
Galadriel herself
(sounding a little
like Cate Blanchett)
No sooner than her words
Of warning were spoken
The darkest spell
Of this devious seductress
Was broken
And I beheld
Such a pitiful sight
A twisted soul
Steeped in craft unholy
White with fear
And green with elf envy
Lusting for unnatural power
And worldly might
I tried my best to console her
Saying …

“The Gates of Hell,
Bill and Melinda,
are way ahead of you
when it comes to ruling
and reigning
in the land of Mordor.”

As a Freedom Ranger
I’ve come to the sad conclusion
That the abhorred Lord Sauron
The spiritual head
Of the Bilderberg Foundation
Is giving us all the ring finger

~ by David B. Redpath © 2020 – 2021

There is neither Jew nor Gentile,
neither slave nor free, nor is there
male and female, for you are all
one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to
Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed,
and heirs according to the promise.

~ Book of Galatians

The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania
~ by Joseph Noel Paton

David B. Redpath ©2020 – 2021

105 thoughts on “Master Racism”

  1. A brilliant parody, with a touch of our modern day reality David…. I was only watching the Lord of the Rings last week (to fill in some isolation time) … superbly directed my friend….

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  2. Whoa! Powerful post! David, you have so much courage to publish a post like this. Good for you! Bless you from the bottom of my heart! All of us who know TRUTH must keep standing strong together! You have my deep respect!!

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    1. Yes, the richer they are
      The harder they despise
      Hopefully, not one and all

      That love of money💰
      Blocks the real deal 💛
      From above, Honey🍯
      Coincidentally, thanks
      for reading me, JT 🙏 😎


  3. —Veiled behind the illusion
    Of a philanthropic institution—
    So rhythmic, my knees weaken, my mind, now dizzy with delirium, cannot quite recall that adjective, a notch above ‘sublime.’
    —She then motioned
    To the stony ground—

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    1. Thank you immeasurably, Anna.
      Your words to me are like light
      through a prism. Perhaps the
      abjective you seek is ‘Bidoonism’?

      From a tender age, I was weened
      on the words of a Poet Laureate
      by the name of Bob Dylan. Thereby
      receiving a master class in lyrical
      rhythm, with a taste of reason;

      “I think
      we better talk this over.
      when we both get sober.
      You’ll understand I’m only a man
      Doin’ the best that I can.
      This situation
      can only get rougher.
      Why should we needlessly suffer?
      Let’s call it a day,
      go our own different ways
      Before we decay.
      You don’t have to be afraid
      of looking into my face,
      We’ve done nothing to each other
      time will not erase.
      I feel displaced,
      I got a low-down feeling
      You been two-faced,
      you been double-dealing.
      I took a chance,
      got caught in the trance
      of a downhill dance.
      Oh, child,
      why you want to hurt me?
      I’m exiled, you can’t convert me.
      I’m lost in the haze
      of your delicate ways
      with both eyes glazed.
      You don’t have to yearn for love,
      you don’t have to be alone,
      Somewhere’s in this universe
      there’s a place
      that you can call home.
      I guess I’ll be leaving tomorrow
      If I have to beg, steal or borrow.
      It’d be great to cross paths
      in a day and a half
      Look at each other and laugh.
      But I don’t think
      it’s liable to happen
      Like the sound
      of one hand clappin’.
      The vows that we kept
      are now broken and swept
      ‘Neath the bed where we slept.
      Don’t think of me and fantasize
      on what we never had,
      Be grateful for what we’ve shared
      together and be glad.
      Why should we go on
      watching each other
      through a telescope?
      Eventually we’ll hang ourselves
      on all this tangled rope.
      Oh, babe,
      time for a new transition
      I wish
      I was a magician.
      I would wave a wand
      and tie back the bond
      That we’ve both gone beyond.”

      ~ Bob Dylan

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  4. I was captivated. I am a Tolkien geek so this is probably one of my favorites of your poems now David. But wow, I had no idea Aragorn had a run-in with that temptress. And when she was at last revealed, well, that surprised me too. I don’t know much about B&MG but I suppose I better catch up! Netflix is telling me he predicted the pandemic so I thought maybe I should watch that show in the hopes he can predict the next disaster. Someone on Imgur suggested it will probably be the Stay-Pufft Marshmallow Man the way things have been going. The painting is so beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to Joseph Noel Paton. And the Galatians reverence is very healing, thank you for the reminder. Saint Paul was a poet too. And, I love those murals. Gorgeous! Any idea who the artist is? Where were they taken, if you don’t mind me asking? Sending hugs, ♥. Niki

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    1. Yes Niki! When the Marshmallow
      Man turns yellow, we are all in great
      peril. The only cure will be smoking
      some fermented banana skin, and
      wrapping yourself in tinfoil 😎
      The first two street art murals are
      from Chapel Street, in Melbourne,
      Australia. The third one I found in a
      Parisian backstreet, near Montmartre.
      With no discernible signatures?
      I guess it’s illegal to mural all over
      someone else’s wall? 🤔
      I’m very pleased you got something
      positive out of my darkly reflective
      post, Niki 😇 💛

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    1. Thanking you with emphatic
      exactitude, Isha 🙏 😎
      Sometimes a sharpened pen✒️
      is better than a sword ⚔️
      (assuming the enemy can read,
      and understands the written word).


  5. Before I read your poem, I had just listened to Kwame Dawes recite his poem, “A Coda to History,” with a similar underlying message but expressed in a very, very different way. The thought occurs to me that if enough poets write about this deplorable state we find ourselves–each in his or her own way–then maybe people who aren’t moved to act by one poem will be moved by another expressed in a different way.

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    1. “Where there is no guidance, a
      people falls, but in an abundance
      of counselors there is safety.”

      ~ Proverbs 11:14

      Being forewarned, regarding the
      dark machinations of mice and
      men, is being forearmed. We can’t
      stop the future, yet there’s a bright
      light at the end of the tunnel.


    1. Greatly appreciated, Christopher 🙏
      A fairy tale is as good as a contagious
      wink to a deaf elf, Chris.
      Hell hath no fury as a looting spirit
      of anarchy, set loose by a mindless
      mob of mindless.
      It’s an ill wind that the agents of Total
      Control can put to good use.

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  6. Dear David, thank you for shining some brilliant light on the darkness. I can’t help but think of Princess Eugenia as the Mother of Harlots reading from Mein Kampf in her spare time and studying Beast Economics. You have the terrific ability to shape meaningful stories/truths with extremely thought-provoking language. Thank you! Always best wishes. ~ Mia 💗
    Btw, beautiful street art, and I love the mention of Rockefeller Plaza along with The Gates of Hell.

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    1. Thank you in extremity, Mia 💛
      I did suspect that I was going out
      on a limb with this piece 🐈
      My apologies to the multitude
      of nice Eugenias. She was to be
      a Princess Jezebel, but I couldn’t
      Often translated as ‘Nobility’, the
      name Eugenia comes from the
      greek Eugenes, meaning ‘Well-Born’.
      Same source as the term ‘Eugenics’.
      As you would know, I do try my
      best to stay apolitical, and keep
      my opinions to myself 😎 In this
      current age of Post-Enlightenment.

      “I would rather be a man
      of paradoxes, than a man
      of prejudices.”

      “Man is born free,
      and everywhere he is in chains.”

      “Every man has a right to risk his
      own life for the preservation of it.”

      “No man has any natural authority
      over his fellow men.”

      “I prefer liberty with danger
      than peace with slavery.”

      “The world of reality has its limits;
      the world of imagination is boundless.”

      “Our greatest evils flow from ourselves.”

      “What wisdom can you find
      that is greater than kindness?”

      “Insults are the arguments employed
      by those who are in the wrong.”

      ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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      1. Thank you David for a lovely and thoughtful comment. I know the tasks of staying apolitical is important, while challenging! Good for you, I can only comment on how your words move me, so please forgive any public display of indiscretion/indiscretions. Shame on me! It’s okay, I can handle it, the shame that is. Thank you for the wonderful, most meaningful and thought-provoking quotes, I hope others read them as well. Poignant! Please stay safe from all that intends to harm us, be well. ~ Mia

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      2. I was being a bit cheeky, Mia,
        with my tongue firmly in cheek.
        I have no problem in offending
        the indefensible arrogance of
        all those deserving a spank 😎
        I totally agree regarding the
        Jean-Jacques Rousseau quotes,
        a man way ahead of his times.
        So, I decided to post them ☑️
        May the peace that surpasses all
        human understanding be with you.

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    1. Gates divided cannot stand.
      Did the devil make him do it?
      Did Melinda leave him with the
      bill? Was that alway her plan?
      Meanwhile, Bill marches to the
      tune of Wang Chung (Yellow Bell)
      … his favourite band 🎶🙉

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  7. Goodness: there is much to digest here, David: a grand tale involving the Gates couple, those beneficent benefactors who are now sadly separate; perhaps they would be candidates for a round of speed dating for seniors 🙂

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    1. I guess I have been feeling rather
      pandemically parched of late☀️🌵😎
      There’s been a lot of conspiracy
      talk doing the social media rounds,
      but as the saying goes, no smoke
      without fire, so I did a bit of research
      and the Gates were opened wide 👁️🔥
      May the Ramps be with you 🙏

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      1. Thank you for a most excellent reply! I intend to look into the Gates later tonight. Right now I have quite the queue of songs that various bloggers have shared to go through. I do enjoy randomly encountering music that other’s bring to me.

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      2. OMG I love Weather Report…Missing Jaco..god of Bass. Come to think of it, that’s probably why they turned comments off “Where’s Jaco?” “Love the Jaco Pastorius years.” That could get old. This bassist is good though.
        I had a friend…loved Tea for Tillerman. I do enjoy Cat Stevens voice.
        Thank you. And on that I’m going to sleep.

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