Social engineering
dressed up
in the drag
of state religion
A trick of the tail
that sting of tradition
Taboos and hoodoos
male and female
two sides of the one
multifaceted coin
Far too many
a lost penny
spent in a storm
Spurned and torn
for just being born

In the face
of much hatred
violence and abuse
many have taken
the final recourse
of least resistance
long before
their rightful time
When did being true
to the real you
become such a crime
Are we not
captives all
to the random
vagaries of biology
and the deepest mysteries
of human psychology?

Love divine
requires a bit more
than impassive tolerance
Isn’t it high time
to move past all this
heterodyne interference
from the self-righteous
aggressively religious
stuck in a rut
over the book of Leviticus?

When it comes
to the letter of the law
Jesus Christ alone
is the complete fulfilment
There is now
a whole new testament
with a message loud and clear
… true freedom
for each and every one of us
A love letter heaven sent
at a celestial price
paid in full on our behalf

“God is love, and all who
live in love live in God,
and God lives in them.”

~ John the Evangelist

by Multiple Michael 🎨 ©2021


59 thoughts on “Heterodyne”

      1. Golly gosh David… alien genetics? You are knowledgable. Do they offer the course at the University of Melbourne? A DAG? (Doctor of Alien Genetics) Go nicely on the wall with your MNPR degree. (Mutant Ninja……)

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  1. I love this, David. Especially these lines:
    Are we not
    captives all
    to the random
    vagaries of biology
    and the deepest mysteries
    of human psychology?

    And beyond our biology,
    underneath it all, we’re the
    same — souls in a body suspended
    in space finding our way
    back to Love and each other. β™₯.

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    1. Thank you muchly, Niki 🌹❀️
      I do have to use my imagination
      to even catch a glimpse of the
      persecution many have had to
      endure, all in the name of tribal
      fertility. An ancient imperative
      wrapped up in religion.

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      1. This is such a great song. Perfect lyrics too. And we’ll keep on remembering: “You’re too strong not to keep on keeping on…” Even if it doesn’t always feel that way. β™₯.

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  2. The insanity continues. The right wing is pretty much all about death. Death of ideas, freedom, and being who you are. Terrified little minds wanting to rule the world. Scary. Reallllly scary. Great poem.

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    1. Merci beaucoup πŸ™πŸ˜Ž
      Yes, tyrants oppress. That’s what
      tyrants, and bullies, do best.
      It would seem that those who grasp
      for worldly power have no spiritual

      “For we wrestle not against flesh
      and blood, but against principalities,
      against powers, against the rulers
      of the darkness of this world, against
      spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      ~ Paul of Tarsus

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  3. Powerful words and message, David. With how fast time flies, you’d think we’d be past all the hatred. I thought at one time things were progressing. Now it seems we’ve been pushed back decades. It’s so sad that people can’t accept others as they are. And if they don’t like something, then walk the other way. It’s really very simple. But hatred’s grip is too strong for many where their actions follow. We can’t lose hope though…
    ~ Lauren πŸ’—

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    1. Thanks Lauren πŸ™ πŸ’› 😎
      It does seem that intolerance and
      prejudice is a cultural thing, spurred
      on by religions that claim to be all
      about brotherly love. I once spent
      some time in Papua New Guinea
      where an effeminate male was
      regarded as a gift from the gods,
      having combined some of the
      better attributes of both genders
      (i.e; strength ♂️ and intelligence ♀️)
      To a young traveller, from a rather
      homophobic culture, it was a bit of a
      shock. Seeing real loving acceptance
      in action … not just in slogans.

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    1. A very close resemblance, Chris, but
      its none other than Uncle Ernie’s drag
      apprentice, Divine. An easy mistake to
      make. Back in the early 60’s, Harris
      Glenn Milstead got his first big break
      as Uncle Ernie’s hairdresser whilst
      touring Greenwich Village with his
      drag show extravaganza, ‘Blowing In
      The Wind’. Uncle Ernie then went on to
      teach this young hairdresser the art of
      female impersonation. The rest is drag
      history. John Waters later claimed that
      he discovered Divine, but it was really
      dear old Uncle Ernie 😎

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  4. Beautifully written David, I admire your bravery in giving testimony so brilliantly and try to do the same but not in such glorious colors. What a beautiful testimony to your belief in Our Lord. Thank you my friend. Love you guys, Joni xoxoxoxo

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    1. Thank you exceedingly, Joni πŸ™β€οΈ
      To plagiarise Neil Young …

      From the fundamentalist pulpit
      I’ve seen the legalese
      flowing with such ease
      and the damage done
      A bit of bigotry in everyone
      Only God’s love can truly overcome
      Every suicide is like a settin’ sun

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      1. What great lyrics! I saw him in Lexington, KY so long ago. Your writing is very thoughtful, provocative and truly makes one take notice of many things. I love that you have a very different style and that you express your faith so beautifully.
        Gun deaths and suicides are really up this summer. Not surprising. Our world is a mess. I am grateful for my faith which I have had since I was a very little child. Thanks for sharing these beautiful lyrics too my friend. On a side note I actually got to see Cat Stevens a little over two years ago, Jan. Of 2019. He almost didn’t make it into the US for this event. He sounded exactly the same. Sending my love to you both and my appreciation for your work my friend. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ¦‹πŸ˜˜Joni

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    1. Thanks Cara πŸ™
      Uncle Ernie really should be in the
      Who’s Who of pop culture icons.
      Sadly, he is generally overlooked
      for being so far ahead of his time.
      Some might say Uncle Ernie was
      so far ahead that he ended up way
      behind the times πŸ€”
      Yet, even the Who were moved to
      write a song about him 🎢 😎

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  5. Yes, yes, YES!!! YES. This says it all. You brought tears to my eyes with:
    “Spurned and torn
    for just being born”
    It’s crazy universes beyond ridiculous that judging anyone on such RIDICULOUS levels is happening ANHYWHERE.
    I experienced a very teeny, minor yet exceedingly profound breakthrough in my own little journey on this planet.
    It sincerely doesn’t matter to me what anyone’s religious/spiritual/atheistic/agnostic dance with God or the Universe is. It’s simply none of my business. HOWEVER….I live in the Bible belt of the deep South of the United States. It’s FAR more progressive than one would figure, but I have a VERY dear, golden-hearted friend who is a born-again-rolling on-the -floor-speaking-in-tongues-I’ve-got-to-save-You Christian. She is well aware that if a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, and a Native American had a baby it would be me. She proselytizes me (and everyone within earshot) now and again. I tune her out. I Love her. I get that that’s her duty regarding the path she’s chosen. I’m going to Hell. She loves me and HAS to try now and again to bring me to her ways. Whatever. ANYWAY!!!!! That set up was important because:
    We are both having some hair issues as we age. We were having a good laugh about it recently and I told her I’d found some FANTASTIC products and advice from Jonathon Van Ness….who You may or may not know is on the new ‘Queer Eye’ series. I’ve been crazy in love with everything about him for years!!! HE ROCKS and always gifts such JOY!!! AND….his hair products are insanely FANTASTIC!!!! I’m stunned. The best I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried everything hippy trippy natural on my hair! My friend’s not homophobic but lumps ANYTHING in the LGBIQ+ community as going to hell. I figure that puts me in great company! 🀣 ANYWAY…..I recommended Jonathan’s products to her. About a week later I saw her. She had a funny smile on her face. The conversation was:
    Her: I ordered Jonathan’s products.
    Me: Cool beans!!! You’ll love them!
    Her: I was looking over his website.
    Me: Great!
    Her: Do You know he wears mini skirts?!!!
    Me: YES!!!! He’s fantastic!!! I want to marry him!!!
    Her: I ordered them anyway. (And she shook her head and very sweetly smiled!!!!!!)
    Me: YAY!!!!
    That’s HUGE!!! I’d say more than half of the people here seriously wouldn’t care less and AREN’T homophobic or judgemental or ANYTHING You’d expect in the Deep South….but even one die hard kindof judgemental person giving way….a little…..in my mind is a miracle!!!!
    Apologies for the length but I blame You as this post captured my heart, set my mind to reeling and it landed on that experience which still makes me smile!!! THANK YOU, Sir David!!!!!!!! Cheers, Huge hugs, and ROCK ON!!! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ˜Š!!!

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    1. The story of your friend, and hair
      products 😎 is well worth the telling
      … and reading, Katy.
      The ‘Book’ tells me that God is love,
      and Jesus tells us not to judge, yet
      these medicine show fire & brimstone
      hucksters often stoke up nothing but
      old testimental hatred?! (“God’s love
      is unconditional, unless you happen to
      be homosexual!”). My reading of the
      Good Book πŸ“– is that treating people
      as objects to be greedily exploited,
      violated, disrespected, used, and
      abused, was not cool with God;

      “Behold, this was the sin of your
      sister Sodom: she and her daughters
      (outlying cities) had arrogance,
      abundant food, and careless ease, but
      she did not help the poor and needy.”

      ~ Ezekiel 16:49

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  6. People feel threatened by what they don’t understand, I guess. They use scripture as an excuse to persecute others, even though Jesus taught us not to judge. You say it all so well in this poem.

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