Evil Conspires

Evil conspires
That’s what evil
does the best
mixing a little piece
of veritas
with a whole lotta lies
It was a conspiracy
that put Jesus Christ
to death
up on the cross
A religious plot
that was then
blown apart
and thrown back
in the Devil’s face
Patience is a virtue
as Evil will continue
to scheme and conspire
often with a dangerous mix
of religion and power
but inevitably
all conspiracies backfire
Eventually the devious
will pay a heavy price
for misleading the gullible
Like an election
in a two horse race
providing the illusion
of you having a choice
only to herald in
a rising tide of trouble

they don’t really
mean a thing to me
as I’m too busy
with staying alive
whilst counting
my many blessings
Despite a world
of wheels spinning
in a deep state
of shadow thinking
where even
the most shallow
can be king
with their plots
and schemes
I’ve managed
to more than survive
but thrive beyond
my wildest dreams

Evil conspires
That’s what evil
does the best
so put all those
whispered words
and secretive truths
to the acid test
of common sense
is being aware
of the evil deceptive
in the negative
whilst focusing
on the celestial positive
As you run this race
it’s a question of balance
Unless of course
you wish to be seen
as a conspiratorial
religious nut case
all suspicious
and rather supercilious

It is love from above
that reaches out
to the heart of the matter
That can put a smile
on the face of a stranger
Not the endless banter
about the evil schemes
of those in high places
relentlessly grasping
for ever more power
Evil conspires
That’s what Evil
does the best
apart from the stealing
the killing and the destroying
I do wish that Evil
would give it a rest

~ by David B. Redpath © 2022

Artwork courtesy
of Multiple Michael © 2022

84 thoughts on “Evil Conspires”

    1. In total agreement, Timothy.
      A bit less totalitarianism and
      TRiUmPhalism (if you know
      what I mean) would make the
      place a much better scene ✌️🌎
      The artwork is all provided by
      my Floridian friend, Michael,
      who is currently storm chasing
      a girl named Nicole❓😎

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      1. I know exactly what you mean. Chasing those stormy women seems to be a much beloved pasttime for Floridians. Michael’s artwork is wonderful.

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  1. Truth. It hurts to hear the lies and know the truth but love will win. I really like this poem David and the illustrations pair perfectly. Thank you for sharing the vid from Empty Hands. I adore Nimo. I met him in DC and he even stopped by my little channel and dropped off a kind comment on one of my songs. He is love in action. ♥.

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    1. My compulsive pleasure, Liz.
      To quote the Poet Laureate of
      Rock ‘n’ Roll (and folk music) …

      “Love is all there is,
      it makes the world go ’round.
      Love and only love, it can’t be
      No matter what you think about it
      you just won’t be able to do
      without it.
      Take a tip from one who’s tried.”

      ~ Bob Dylan

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    1. Anything, and everything, goes
      these days. What you do, and say,
      can end up being yelled from the
      rooftops. Hacking, with China’s
      backing, is now top of the pops.
      Now there’s a conspiracy, if you
      really want one?


    1. Thanks John. The Artwork was
      provided by Multiple Michael 🎨

      “Some would sell their soul to be
      in total control of evey living soul,
      but in the end they’ll pay a heavy
      toll for being such an asshole 🙏”

      ~ Me 😎

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    1. A positively affirmative thank you, K.
      After a couple of long years being
      injected 💉 with every conspiracy
      theory known to alien 👽 and man 🙉
      I believe I’m now totally immune.
      But I did feel the need to lash out 😎


  2. This was really nice. Your poem reminded me of a great line and got me thinking as well…”To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true” Things are usually that simple, though most times we don’t see it that way.

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    1. That’s a great quote, Tanmay.
      Worthy of Bob Dylan . . . or;

      “You can fool all of the people some
      of time; you can fool some of the
      people all of the time, but you can’t
      fool all the people all the time.”

      ~ Abraham Lincoln

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    1. The Wisdom of Solomon
      like a shot in the arm
      the cutting away
      of abstract contaminations
      and shadow kingdoms
      exposed and deposed
      in the light of a new day
      Biological distractions
      feelings and emotions
      measured in fractions
      by imperatives of the flesh
      The shrapnel of decimation
      traumatised innocence
      to a broken existence
      amongst the meaningless
      skin deep and pale
      marinating in the cauldron
      of spiritual betrayal
      Truth is a sharp scalpel
      in the hands
      of a celestial surgeon
      I prayed to God daily
      for the truth to cut away
      all those lies of Bedlam
      The agony and the ecstasy
      … that’s the price you pay
      for the free gift of Salvation
      Truth without Love
      torn from the arms of reality
      is the purest form of brutality
      Pure Love is the heavenly way

      Keep the home fires burning, Buckeye,
      and thank you for commenting 🙏😎


    1. After a millennium of conspiring
      in the high and low places
      the pagans and occultist
      have declared victory
      by taking down the crucifixes
      and repurposing the churches
      for masonic bingo
      and same sex hen nights
      Those pediphile priests
      and the general populace
      who know not the Christ
      don’t seem to give a damn
      but at least you can still buy
      a “Festival Tree” and decorate it
      as lovely as you can
      Your choice … Chinese Plastic
      or Chinese Aluminium? 🌲
      Then after Winter Solstice
      throw it out on the lawn
      Was there ever a grand sinister plan
      for the poor human race
      beyond more death and destruction
      that didn’t include religion
      . . . and Vladimir Putin? 🤔🕶️


  3. Excellent post David, and you’ve made your point assertively without being preachy. Reading some of the tweets by the mad MAGA trolls on the internet who ironically happen to also write love poems and possess a disdain for ‘narcissism’ has rubbed me the wrong way for a few months now. Such acidic vitriol. It seems like their ‘god’ could do anything and they’ll still support him, demeaning anyone who says anything against him. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against conservatives, and I’m not fond of Biden or Harris. But when you make it all about one man, not holding him accountable for anything he says or does, it becomes cult like. I believe evil will get worse with the way things are going. The world could certainly do with less of it.


    1. Thanks for your perceptive comments.
      I’m in total agreement.

      Love is a four letter word
      that has fallen out of favour
      and even lost it’s flavour
      for many who claim to be
      followers of the risen Saviour?

      Despite all the divisive hostility, do have
      a good Friday, and a great Easter 😎👍

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    1. I fell off the edge years ago, Karima.
      It’s not so bad. After a while, falling
      seems much like flying. Plus it gives
      you time to think 🤔 Without a
      convincing conspiracy theory 😱
      fear would have nowhere to go.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Timothy Leary said he would hold
        my hand, but when the turbulence
        got rough 🌀 . . . fortunately 🙏 the
        summit was close enough to catch a
        fleeting glimpse ✨🌞🏔️ 👁️❓👁️ ☮️

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