London’s Burning

Big Ben is broken
and London’s burning

Glasgow too . . .

and Paris was just ridiculous!

It’s too hot to sleep . . . so

now for a Westend show
We’ve got all evening
to take a good look
at The Book of Mormon
in a theatre that’s melting

… then off home
via a burnt hole through
the fabric of space & time
to a much cooler Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

and see my friends
at Bar Baby Lon 😎

David & Linda Redpath Β© 2022

45 thoughts on “London’s Burning”

  1. Only you know how to bend the fabric of space and time. Being the extraterrestrial and all πŸ˜‹ I’m slightly jealous. I loved the pictures though, and London is hotter than Australia? Whenever I read your blog, the pictures remind me of the Grateful Dead or Jefferson Airplane or some other psychedelic band for some reason.

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    1. Thanks for giving away our little
      secret, fellow interdimensional
      traveller Nitin πŸ‘½ πŸ•ΆοΈ Yes, it’s hard
      to believe that England is currently
      hotter than sunny Australia 🌞
      but I’ve been assured by Climate
      Control it’s only temporary, for now.
      Thanks for the reminder that my
      camera phone πŸ“± has a mind of
      it’s own ever since I lent it to that
      earthling, Timothy Leary 😎

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      1. I think Leary gave the phone to Ginsberg, who’s watching videos of angels and writing a sequel to Howl as we speak, opening the gates to other dimensions; portals which should not be touched.

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      2. I blame that Jack Kerouac. He was
        always a real dharma bum looking
        for Nirvana. That’s no place for a
        good Jewish boy like Allen Ginsberg!
        I’m sure he’s safer now in Abraham’s
        bosom (the first class section of
        Sheol) than out on a bender πŸ’‰with
        William Burroughs Junior, on the
        (politically incorrect) negro streets.

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      3. I’m sure he and that other very good, polite Jewish boy who came after him, Philip Roth are definitely in the first class section of Sheol. Maybe they’re talking now as we speak, Ginsberg having given up on a sequel to Howl and denouncing Kerouac, and Roth citing passages from his very politically correct, tender, beautiful novel, Sabbath’s Theatre.

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      4. I’m sure Abraham would have
        no complaint about Philip Roth
        having a seat in the first class
        section, after having written a
        thousand times, “Portnoy has
        been a very naughty boy”, as
        his due penance … of course 😎

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    1. Greatly appreciated, Joni πŸ™ πŸ’
      Linda and I were over in the UK
      during a previous heatwave ( but
      coming from sunny Down Under πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
      we hardly noticed 🌞 😎).
      The current climate situation in
      Western Europe reminded me of
      our last trip, so I dug up some
      older photographs. Since Covid
      we’ve kept our travels strictly
      around the southern hemisphere,
      but that’s no restriction. In the
      last month we’ve strayed at least
      a thousand kilometres a week,
      without leaving Australia.

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      1. That is amazing David. Sending a prayer for good health for you and Linda now. I think it is wonderful that you are traveling and having fun. Love and blessings to you both my friend. πŸ¦‹β€οΈπŸ™

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    1. Who would’ve thought, Vladimir the
      Great, Emperor of of all the Russias,
      beaten back by a bit of heat πŸ”₯!
      Much like Hitler with his Operation
      Barbarossa, only in reverse β„οΈπŸ”„
      Napoleon even. Just goes to show
      that fire and ice are no friends of
      autocrats and murderous dictators,
      stopped in their tracks by a heatwave
      or a bit of snow 🌞 β›„

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    1. I luv London ❀️
      especially in the summer.

      The weather is getting stranger,
      Bojana β˜” In Australia we’ve just
      had a La NiΓ±a winter, the wettest
      I can remember, and now we’ve
      been informed we’re to have a
      La NiΓ±a summer. Better than a
      bushfire summer πŸ”₯ I guess,
      but now all the rivers are full,
      and overflowing 🌊 πŸ€”
      I’ve endured a ten year drought
      here Down Under β˜€οΈ but this is
      quite the opposite, and wetterπŸ’§


      1. It’s terrible…

        I’ve brought my dad here, telling him he can miss sunny and warm Septembers in Munich. Poor thing, he’s cold all the time, and it’s pouring all day long. Oktoberfest visitors are the only ones who never complain. With all that beer, who’d think about the weather.

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    1. I seem to have the same problem,
      Gigi. The sites I wish to see the most,
      WordPress insists on making me
      chase. Not being a software engineer
      I’m not sure if there’s a solution?
      Anyway, it makes blogging more
      interesting πŸ”Ž like a treasure chest
      to be dug up with much digging 😎


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