The Grand Artisan

God … the ultimate Artist
The supreme Scientist
The intimate presence within
and throughout this existence
Regenesis … poetry in motion
Is she masculine
or is he feminine?
Is the answer
beyond our understanding?
Are we just avatars
in a game of actual reality
Is this life
an artistic documentary
viewed through
all the agony
and the ecstasy
the triumph and the tragedy?
Have we truly
been given a free hand
by the Artisan Grand
upon the canvas of eternity?

Or are we just
rats in a laboratory?
A collection of quarks
traversing the dark?
Mere particles within
the part and parcel
of subatomic intricacy?
An infinitesimal spark
in a dimension mechanical?
Speaking of relativity
where is the power and the glory?
A perpetual quantum
crunching the numbers
in some mindless continuum
Is that the universal story?

“The starry host but a breath
of His mouth. Stars forming,
and not a one missing!
Led forth and called by name.”

Is life but the echo
of a big bang smoke ring?
Something so bright
from the darkness of nothing?
Is the biodiversity
surrounding you and me
a key to the mystery?
Can a Theory of Everything
actually tell me a thing?
Am I all tied up in knots
by a Theory of String?
Did a “God Particle”
give existence it’s zing
the universe it’s substance
or is it that Dark Matter
mysteriously gone missing?

Dimensions within
merrily dancing
upon the head of a pin
Am I by design
an accidental fundamentalist?
A partaker in creation?
Or just a bewildered tourist?
Are we all
painting pictures in time?
Drawing a fine line
by celestial design?
Or are we committing
by not admitting …
to the graffiti of all crime?

The Universe unfolding
Searching for meaning
with equations empty
and beguiling
A series of numbers
adding up to zero
Yet all of nature reveals
there is a hand
conducting the band
… the Supernatural Hero
who will deal with yesterday
and heal all tomorrow

Sifting the ether
for that purity of essence
Woefully mislaid
an absence of innocence
The Consciousness Human
wonderfully made
yet a dim reflection
from a mirror broken

The Master Craftsman
hand unseen
calling … as behind a curtain
Yet known
in the very depths of our being

“We are such stuff
as dreams are made of.”

My theory of everything
starts with …

In the beginning

God created a Universe

of natural law

and then used natural law

to create every material thing

and saw that it was very good

It was all so … super natural

… with visions of angels
singing songs
of celestial love
Supernatural the high
like a cool hand
in a warm glove
Like a dove estatic
transmitting love eclectic
from Heaven above
Garlands and rose petals
with the rising
the overcoming
the growing
of a passion desiring
Gracious beauty abounding
All in all
and everything
in the midst of the One
holding together all things

Out weighing gravity
Outpacing relativity
Like a singer of soul
riding the sweeps
from the highest of highs
to the deepest of depths
In three-quarter time
playing for keeps

Flowing through
the word poetic
an electric prismatic
the joyful ecstatic
buzzing with angelic static
as lightening sings
in spiralling rings
Soul Salvation
Spiritual the restoration
heaven sent
revving up the revelation
of the infinitely relevant
(Not the pulling of strings)

The whirlpool galaxies
all in a spin
circling holes of nothing
and everything
as stars keep recycling
The fullness of this Universe
beyond all human imagings
This material realm vibrates
in anticipation
Just over the event horizon
a fanfare of celebration
for the Author of Creation

The Most Senior Physicist
in who’s grasp lies the future
the past
and all that exists
That celestial loving presence
of patient forbearance
. . . in pursuit of you
Pursue what is true
Not the celebrity physicist
and evangelizing atheist
who puts on a lab coat
and mysteriously
becomes an expert theologist
(like glimpsing a Zoo
makes you a Zoologist?!)
who lectures and conjectures
puffed up like a puffer fish
with a shaking fist
trying to negate positivity
in a petri dish of hostility
Freedom of speech? … Yes!
But please do not preach
on things way beyond
your microscopic reach
and theology … all in a twist!

Trapped In a vortex
at the sharp edge of existence
Always standing in line
behind the sentinels aligned
at the memorial to war
Yet the whisper of a trace
from the Prince of Peace
The scent of a taste
of things only hoped for
Quiet lives
always longing for more
Unanswered questions
big and small
written on desperate faces
screaming for an open door
Perplexed in confusion
Is faith in big love
just a romantic delusion?

Amid strung out dimensions
ever expanding
a precious pearl is forming
Star bright
love shining
and overflowing
with a countenance glowing
Faith sustaining
. . . that Kingdom within

The universe
is but a fuse
held in the palm
of a Master Technician
In a world
of humanoid dysfunction
the big picture
soon to be surfacing
for those with eyes looking
A circuit breaker coming
with the truth being told
All pain and suffering
will be rendered
null and void

Witnessing lives of
loud and proud desperation
citizens of Rebel Nation
begin a riot of confrontation
Lives of Spirit filled meditation
interfacing with
the Infra Structuralist
(better know as Christ Jesus)
Forever interlacing the embracing
with Whom love is a must
Upon the carousel of revelation
the inspiration
of God given imagination
Does the Artist do it
. . . for recreation?

Nuclear baby booming
war generationals
and seminal millennials
did you see the world dissolving
bubbling as in a boiling cauldron?
But highly valued is your
socially engineered opinion!
Cutting back
the copious consumption
quitting the tribal division
and getting back
to the organic garden
with hope – faith – and love
out worked with action
are true keys
to a planetary restoration

Struggling through
the barbed wire
of recrimination
cold and hungry
and on the run
throughout the endless
friendless night
Foreign the invasion
ethnic the cleansing
starvation as a weapon
indiscriminate the killing
in the unleashing
of the deepest spite
in a place of misdirection
For the love of God
and weeping
seeking the morning’s light
In a strange land
of sinking sand
finding a rock solid friend
Becoming a whole new creation
like a jumpstart to the heart
I’m just beginning to understand
by the works of God’s hand
the smallest strand of a plan
designed with love
by the Artisan most grand

Art … not for art sake
In the big scheme of things
there’s too much at stake
True creativity
flows from a place of intimacy
with the passion and the glory
of Holy Divinity . . . and
with the friends that you make

~ by David B. Redpath © 2017-22

‘L’Annuncio’ (The Trinity)
~ by Salvador Dali

‘Salvador Dali painting
The Face of War … and David’ 😎
~ by Multiple Michael ©2022

‘Supernatural David’
~ by Multiple Michael © 2022




Hidden Treasure . . .
found in the bowels of the Vatican.


Gala ascending … a scene from
Salvador Dali’s bedroom ceiling.

David & Linda redpath © 2017-2022

“Art is the highest form of hope.”
~Gerhard Richter

183 thoughts on “The Grand Artisan”

    1. Yes … there’s no denying, Belinda,
      existence is an amazing thing.
      It can seem to be just a maze of things.
      But life is the thing that gives this
      existence it’s zing 🌀⚡ 😎


      1. I believe that is how it seems to a lot of people. Your words build tension well and take the reader on a great journey/thought process, invoking sensations well known to many, and some not so well known nor understood; Perhaps not ever experienced. Enjoyable read – thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I love these roomy ruminations — who knows? who knows? I just go along for the ride; love too the art work and other pics, stimulating visuals, each provoking more thoughts: down the rabbit hole, David 🙂


    1. Thanks for taking the time
      to imbibe, John 🙏
      Unlike that White Rabbit 🐰
      who’s always running late ⌚

      “question everything … ”
      ~ Euripides

      The important thing is not to
      stop questioning. Curiosity has
      its own reason for existing.”
      ~ Albert Einstein.

      “Question with boldness even
      the existence of a God; because,
      if there be one, he must more
      approve of the homage of reason,
      than that of blind-folded fear.”
      ~Thomas Jefferson

      Liked by 1 person

      1. great quotes, David, thanks; that last is a ripper; Buddha said something similar: ‘Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense ;

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wisdom from under the Bo tree
        of enlightenment 💡

        Talking of which, Voltaire had
        much to say on the subject:

        “Common sense is not so common.”

        You just have to look at what
        Vladimir Putin is doing to see
        the truth of that statement.


    1. A most grandiose thank you 🙏
      I posted this piece with much
      trepidation, so I appreciate you
      positive feedback, Cindy 🌹❤️

      To misquote Carl Sagan …
      The truth is within us, we’re made
      of heavenly stuff. There is a way
      for humanity to truly know itself,
      for the cosmos is only the creation.
      Far better to seek out the artist.


    1. Muchísimas gracias, Lincol 🙏
      To be honest, I find the words seem
      to come out with me having very little
      input. Then, when I later read, I’m left wondering where did that originate?
      Thanks for taking the time to make
      such a positive comment.

      “Poetry is when an emotion
      has found it’s thought and
      the thought has found words.”

      ~ Robert Frost

      Liked by 1 person

    1. An anonymous thank you for
      boarding my rickety boat, and
      staying afloat as we rounded
      the Cape of Good Hope.
      Yes, I try my best not to name
      the names of those effluent
      influencers, such as Brian Cox
      and Richard Dawkins.


  2. An engaging and truly epic poem. I am always in awe of all the thoughts and ideas that come from your lines. My favorite line in this however is, “Can a Theory of Everything
    actually tell me a thing?” I love this!!!! Great job and I love Dali as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A surrealista thank you ♾️ 🙏
      I greatly much appreciate your
      positive feedback, Carla.
      When travelling around Catalonia
      I made it an imperative to visit the
      Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí
      in Figueres. There was many a
      tourist walking about gobsmacked
      exclaiming, “This is all so surreal!”.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A poem full of profound questions and observations, David.
    I love those jewels, David, that you found in the bowels of the Vatican.
    Pope Francis with his constant talk of coprophilia is obviously interested in other types of bowels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for viewing, Christopher 🙏
      Yes, to find the Dali paintings that
      the Salvador had generously gifted
      to the Vatican we had to go way
      down a labyrinth exploring, past
      sealed vaults and locked dungeons.
      And here’s simple me thinking
      faith is a book best kept open 📖 🤔
      Sadly, human history is a story
      of vowels broken, with truth and
      beauty deeply hidden in the bowels
      of dusty old buildings, all foreboding.
      Perhaps that’s why the original
      Salvador said to seek, and keep on
      seeking, the truest of Kingdoms ✝️ 👀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. love these ruminations, David, esp on free will: ‘are we just a collection of quarks/ traversing the dark’; love the eloquence too of the visuals; long may yo run, David, as Neil Young so eloquently put it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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