For Ernesto Che Guevara

At last
I’ve seen the past
and much like the future
it was murder
Since the beginning
of forever
brother Cain came
with low blows
to impose
some kind of order
I thank Christ
some had time to grasp
the hand at task
For chaos never stops
to counts the cost
But I blame myself
for a world of mayhem
and disorder
ever since the canonization
of my dear friend
Ernesto Che Guevara

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Lovers ~ Before & After


Isis of Crisis
The silken road
of Afghan calm
that led me to Isis
The Queen Supreme
of my Karma Crisis
Born of a desert storm
and a broken seance
There patiently
she waited for me
at the Mirage Oasis
Greeting me in style
with her crystalline smile
and a “Hello Sailor!
Any port in a storm?”
As the Blue Nile
was bleeding down
my starboard arm
Seeping in from the ink
under our shedding skin
to the steps
of her gilded throne
In that river delta
of helter skelter
the sediments of passion
all turning to stone
Fossilized in sentiment lost
The reflections
of her mirrored face
appeared without a trace
As my life lines
were fully erased
then held for ransom
The life of
a thousand deaths
A thousand deaths
to live again
where the saltwater
meets the desert sand
The flood waters rising
Her love dissolving
the wild child
of stormwater
in the cauldron
of her fiery baptism
Upon a barren crest
a starburst shattered
in the wilderness
of a frozen desert
As the scars
of an ancient thirst
softly whispered,
“For the love of God,
we could do you no harm.
Within that still
beating heart
against our sting
of tempted fate
was placed a golden charm.”

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The Road to Somewhere


On the road to somewhere
The Hymn of the Plagiarist
without a prayer
ringing in my ear
The fast lane driving
a lad insane
criss-crossing creation
a consuming passion
with bad seed love
lost down the drain
Seeking empathy
in the heat of street poetry
venting out from some
mental health facility
A stolen generation
marginalised and
by the vagaries
of prohibition
The high life chasing
upon the tail of a dragon
Dead fingers touch typing
whilst couch surfing
on digital cocaine
In the straw hut
with a kava chant
before the hunt
for a tower of flame
The past a real blast
or just a story
I tell myself ?
But I must ask the question
… Where am I now?

Just another stray
gone missing
under an alien sun
A myriad of roads
A delirious minor
following in the footsteps
of the transient
and the mysterious
Tom Major
A mind left behind
orbiting planets distant
Yet by the prayers
of a loving mother
and guardians angelic
I was led
to the waters of wonder
along pathways ancient
Set before me
the infinite future
The big picture
glimpsed clearer
from much higher
Even from under
a jackboot of trouble
Yes, there is
a colossal diabolical
hell of a mess
But there is also
even more so
a big time
heavenly salvager
The good news
always free to choose
So I ask the question
… Where to now?

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Just One Drop


A drop
that doesn’t fall
That arises
One for all
A death
that brings life
Just one drop
more than enough
In the silence
a friendly voice
I hear the call
Always a choice
Words of truth
that never fail
A drop of love
that doesn’t fall

Just one drop
of grace divine
suspended . . .
in the fullness of time
A door open
the word spoken
No witness silent
to a world of crime
Throughout the expanse
of infinite space
one drop of hope
for this human race

Words & Artwork:
~ david redpath © 2018

Tower of Babel 2.0


Sometimes I nap
snuggled up
to the screen
perchance to dream
the latest app
from Mother Machine
Like dancing
with no body
when fully jacked in
to my avatar lover
And though the birds
are outside singing
the bluetooth in my ear
keeps on biting
A great glob
of reblogging
and visions foreboding
of graveyard robbery
Amid the ghosts
of a million posts
haunted by the screams
of advertising streams
flooding this highway
of bloggery
To have
or have not?
To block
or have the lot
My cyber kingdom
to come
I am
the social medium

Prompt me
and you’ll get
a reaction
Yet battery
and all my entries
Lacking inspiration
Climbing mountains of trivia
to find hidden treasures
wearing just my pyjamas
Getting no satisfaction
in the cradle
of post civilisation
Could I handle
another book review
longer than the book?!
( I swear it’s true.)
Am I following
or being followed
by a social rabble
to the brand new
Tower of Babel?
No need for sandals
I can barefoot
across a desert
of broken hearts
laid bare
on algorithmic gravel
The poets
the dreamers
the bullies
and vandals
To sign out
or throw in my lot?
I am
the social me-diot

Is there
a grand plan?
Perhaps a new
and improved
kind of man?
In the meantime
I skim … I scan
I link
Therefore I am
I swim
in an ocean of spam
I do not dive
down the deep end
I don’t stop
to think
before I send
Beware the bot
The illusion
of airbrushed
to show me
what’s hot
I need to follow
to be told
what’s what
Don’t hold back
My reply
will be instant
and immediate
So please please
like a lot
Just my keyboard
and me
on a spree
late into the night
downloading a riot
Streaking across
the firmament
of you favourite site
Uploading with
encrypted kryptonite
the Host with the most
For I long to be
the Saviour of all posts
the Anti Social
… Social Meteorite

Words & Image:
~ david redpath © 2018

A Poetic Warning


A Poetic Warning

I remember
In a former life,
a time of bloodshed
and strife,
seeking the keys
to chaos and disorder
Wisdom ancient
and mystical knowledge
from the secret agent
up for sale
to the highest bidder
Brainwaves alpha
A flash of white light
and the clap of thunder
Had the drifter finally
landed upon a winner?

But just then,
Bob Dylan came
blowing his harmonica
in a psychedelic whirlwind,
tapping me on the shoulder,
singing a poetic warning;

“With a time rusted
compass blade
Aladdin and his lamp
sits with Utopian hermit monks
side saddle on the Golden Calf
And on their promises
of paradise
you will not hear a laugh
All except
inside the Gates of Eden”

~ by david redpath

Quote From ‘Gates of Eden’
~ by Bob Dylan

Artwork: ‘Beyond the Horizon’
~ by david redpath © 2018