The Garden Datura

The Angelic Triathlon;
The Up ‘n’ Away,
the Look All Around,
and then,
the Big Come Down.
Held in the Datura Garden,
somewhere beyond nature,
hidden deep within a space
and time triangulation.
Not for the meek,
for the body is weak.
But angels, in spirit,
they belong.
Yet, please be so kind,
not to be a closed mind
behind a drawn blind,
gone all worldly wrong.

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The Laird of Bonnie Doon


New documentary & photographic
evidence has been unearthed that
Bruce de Redpath was crowned
King of Anglo Saxon England
on the 19th of October 1066.
Apparently, when the remaining
English Lords huddled in London
learned of King Harold’s demise
at the Battle of Hastings, they
turned to a Scotsman to fend
off Duke William of Normandy
(known to his friends as
William the Bastard, and
the Stormin’ Norman).

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Upon a Dragon’s Breath


‘Angelica saved by Ruggiero’
~ by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Upon a Dragon’s Breath
(And the Persistence of Grace)

This existence an enigma …
wrapped in a shroud of destruction.
Death and life, trouble and strife.
Reflections from a mirror shattered.
A toxic cloud…in mass production.
The suffocation, the slow seduction,
riding the trail of a dragon’s breath.

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