The Vulture Heavy

The Vulture Heavy

Obtaining + Maintaining
To the manor spawn
The poverty porn
of consumer society
Scraps from the table
amid claims of equality
Globalism …
trumps democracy
riding the dragon’s tail
of a war economy
Remote destruction
local prosperity
Back to basics?
The Minimalist
so fashionable and trendy
Sporting that certain lack
The creed of greed
and the politics of envy
Who can you go to
to overturn
that buffet table?
The nightmare
is in your stable
and the vulture heavy
+ + +

Inflicted ÷ Evicted
Fighting for life
Dealing in death
a flight of strife
Acid in the soul
Fire in the hole
with every breath
Words sharpened
like a knife
Actions and reactions
taking their toll
Who can you turn to
to make it whole?
In the land of plenty
spiritual malnutrition
The cyber proud
upon a mobile cloud
A lack of contrition
Yet the vulture heavy
÷ ÷ ÷

Division – Inclusion
Western boys
with flags unfurled
Eastern girls
rocking the world
Tribe versus tribe
A dowry to barter
the child bride
A Fatwa on all
daydream believers
Four more years
for big time deceivers
The takers and the givers
Rivers of corporate crime
The well of mercy
… empty
Is there time
in this place
to find the grace
Is it ever too late
Who can you turn to
for a reversal of fate?
Full of hope
going for broke
in a puff of smoke
Death comes quickly
and the vulture heavy
– – –

Obsession × Discretion
The court of appeal
now in session
Beyond religion
and emotion …
loving devotion
Live carefully
Do justice
Love mercy
Walk humbly
Fly straight and true
with the most high
and mighty
The one you can turn to
to see you through
all that heavy weather
With the God given right
to become a child
of the holy
one and only
… the eternal father
His burden of insight
light as a feather
× × ×

Words & Image:
~ David B. Redpath © 2018

2 thoughts on “The Vulture Heavy”

    1. Thanks Dracul ( a.k.a. Christopher )
      Elon Musk put me on the scent
      of this one.
      But unlike his little red roadster
      I’ve returned down to earth,
      having learnt some.
      From space you can’t see the
      the border separating Mexico
      and the U.S.A.. India from Pakistan.
      Nor Israel from Palestine, Syria
      or Jordan.
      ~ did we just make then up?
      Like doodles on a map?

      Liked by 1 person

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