Curious Aquarius


Curious Aquarius

Aquarius Curious
With the overflowing
from a crystal chalice
I am floating … carried
upon waters living
by the green pastures
Ares upon bended knee
where Leo lies
down with the lamb
What is to be
upon the wings of a dove
what has past
. . . forever
hope , faith , and love ,
the future true
with the Salvation Man

Aquarius curious
What is the grand plan?
he’s down Wall Street
running the show
With Capricorn
always upon the horns
of an astral dilemma
As Virgo a no go
She’s embraced
for a forcast
of stormy weather
When and where
she’ll have you for dinner
With much lament
the Age of Aquarius
it came and it went
with barely a glimmer
Did you catch a glimpse?
Hardly a dawning
for the Age of Kali?
That romancer of disaster
Another maniac
spun off the Zodiac
As Cancer
like a pole dancer
climbs sideways
flirting with danger
through all that’s curly
And the constellations
continue their ancient drift
you feeling the itch?
Up in the night sky
a horoscopic rift
Perhaps, it’s the season
of the witch?
And yes Donovan
hippie hipster tricksters
are out
to make it rich?

Aquarius curious
The twins on a cusp
torn between Gemini
high up in the sky
or a gem down deep
in the eternal sea
A pearl of great price
… that is yet to be
Upon a fallen grain
layers of grace forming
in time and space
Growing free
Becoming …
the spice of life
Well beyond
Libra’s full measure
A flowering treasure
from a sacred tree
That Kingdom thing
ready to begin
within all who ask
and all who seek
Within you and me

Aquarius very curious
as wise men saw the sign
Pisces in the house of Aries
The bright morning star
… manifest
Shining upon this existence
Sagittarius missing the mark
Liberation in the balance
As the volcano is flowing
are you waiting for a spark?
Or for secrets
hidden in the dark?
When your world
stops spinning
and the oceans part
where are you heading?
Are you following
the wrong chart?
Look to the Creator
of Constellations
No longer to toil the soil
of all those false starts
To indeed
read the signs
written in the stars
and engraved
upon every soul
Your very
heart of hearts

Words & Image:
~ david redpath © 2018

11 thoughts on “Curious Aquarius”

      1. Pisces in the royal house
        of Aries was the astrological
        occurance that summoned
        the Magi to Bethlehem,
        according to actual astronomical calculations
        of the night sky 2000 years


  1. I am old enough to remember the Age of Aquarius (and Donovan). So many are misled by astrology and those promises in the stars – blind to the Creator’s reflection in His own creation. But the fault, as Shakespeare said, is not in our stars. It is in ourselves.

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    1. Yes . . . that way madness lies.
      I’m old enough to have attended a Donovan
      concert in the 70’s, towards the twilight of
      his career. He had become a New Age
      caricature of himself, sadly. Dressed as a genie out of a magic lamp, and performing
      cross legged upon a Persian carpet.
      Living in the bohemian inner city, I’d seen
      enough evidence, amongst the human
      wreckage, that not all paths lead to paradise.


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