One Night in Darwin

Who can undo what has been done?
Who can restore that which
has been taken, and broken?
For righteousness sake, Treaty … Yes!

This video doesn’t exist

Some came all the way from France
for the Darwin Festival, Yothu Yindi
… and Mister Smiley Face 😎

Even the Navy heard word
that Yothu Yindi were in town!

I like this one … by Fiona Omeenyo.

Magnolia Maymuru
Territorian Fashion Model

Swaggy Gamble grabbing a feed

after a hard day of hauling swag.

Video & Photography;
David & Linda Redpath Β© 2019

45 thoughts on “One Night in Darwin”

    1. My antipodean pleasure, Ivor.
      I’ve been scratching for WiFi, or even
      a single G, whilst transversing the
      outback … so I’m hoping the video all
      got uploaded into the stratosphere?


    1. It’s my first trip to Darwin.
      Arrived just in time for the annual
      Darwin Festival. The city has been
      transformed into a magical tropical
      wonderland. With a big emphasis
      on the arts & traditional indigenous
      culture. Darwin is a high energy,
      young, and multicultural city.
      Well worth the visit. Perhaps on the
      way to Kakadu, and even Uluru.

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    1. I guess we’re all guilty of the crime
      of wasting precious time.
      Lord knows, I’m just a Kingdom child,
      out on remand, trying to make a stand.
      for that big picture plan
      This convicted land,
      this “lucky” nation,
      is free … but on probation.
      Thanks Watt, for the visitation πŸ™ 😎

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    1. Yes Liz, travel involves a certain
      amount of shifting, and tends to
      broaden constricting realities 😎
      I was feeling a bit stagnant till
      jumping into the car and driving
      from one end of the continent
      to the other 🚘

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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing all of this!

    (Last year I was on the ‘New humans of Australia’ FB page and there was this great story about a Syrian refugee who has started a restaurant in Darwin, and was getting rave reviews…well actually, he and his family had a food van at the time and were hoping to start a restaurant…anyway, I don’t remember the name, but if you happen to stumble onto this place…their story was so inspiring.)

    Liked by 1 person

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