My Little Town

The local bespoke crematorium,
and pottery kiln, under restoration.
Where I hope, one day, to be smoked
and then placed in an urn of clay.

Michael Le Multiple may think
that’s an idea magnificent.
Upon the foothills of time
this mere mortal coil
one day will cease to unwind.
So, I say . . . Burn baby, burn🔥😎

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The Laird of Bonnie Doon


A team of Scottish archaeologist have
unearthed some ground breaking, in
fact, earth shattering documentary
evidence regarding a certain eleventh century Lord, Bruce de Redpath. These
irrefutable archaeological discoveries
confirm that this Scottish nobleman
was crowned King of Anglo-Saxon
England on the 19th of October, 1066. In the aftermath of King Harold’s
demise at the Battle of Hastings,
the remaining English Lords, huddled
away in London, turned to a Scotsman
to fend off Duke William of Normandy (a.k.a. “William the Bastard” to his
few friends, and “Stormin’ Norman”
to his many enemies).

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