Swaggy Gamble …

the Aussie Bush Balladeer

“Here’s to the hearts
and the hands of the men
that come with the dust
and are gone with the wind.”

“I’m a-leaving’ tomorrow
but I could leave today
somewhere down the road
The very last thing
that I’d want to do
Is to say I’ve been hittin’
some hard travelin’ too.”
~ Bob Dylan

Photography ;
Linda & David B. Redpath Β© 2019

72 thoughts on “Swaggy Gamble …”

    1. Yes, Swaggy is not only a true blue
      outback character, but considered
      by many to be a leading Darwin
      fashion icon 😎
      And just as well, Stella, that
      Dylan transcends borders. Otherwise it might be considered
      a bit odd mixing him in with a
      genuine Aussie bush balladeer.

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      1. He is a super cool character! I thought he might be setting trends!:) Are there many balladeers there? Maybe when you are older you could join them in reciting your poetry!?:)

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      2. Despite being tough as old boots
        leather, the Aussie Bush Balladeer
        is sadly a dying breed, Stella.
        I wouldn’t qualify, not having a long
        flowing beard β˜ΉοΈπŸ•ΆοΈ


  1. A wonderful storyteller, an updated version for me of ‘once a jolly swagman’ I could see the fire going out into the grass but in the end he got his tea:) Living in the moment, singing for you supper. Thank you so much for this.

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    1. The old billy tea has sadly gone
      the way of scones and jam with
      genteel and polite company.
      From Port Augusta to Mataranka
      every roadhouse now has an
      espresso machine for the Java.
      Complete with an Italian speaking
      barista, from far off Milan.
      But I love my Caffè Latte,
      so I don’t complain β˜• πŸ’› 😎 πŸ™

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      1. Not sure how as I child I learned Waltzing Matilda and a song about a Kookaburra way up here is British Columbia, but I was fascinated and as an adult made my way to the land “down under” and it fulfilled all the things I had imagined.

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    1. The northern region around Darwin,
      Aruna. Kakadu, and Katherine Gorge,
      during the dry season. Much of it
      floods during the wet season πŸ’¦ 🐊
      That’s when the crocs go roaming 😎


      1. Hey, David! Just wanted to especially thank you for all your support and comments for my blog!! I noticed a like by you on one of my older poems and clicked back on it, and reread it – THE OTHER SIDE OF ME! I just wanted to thank you for giving me some much needed joy in rereading my words!! Seems my Muse has taken an extended holiday for August!! Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us on your blog!! Have fun, Be safe – keep writing!!

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      2. My poetic pleasure, Chuck.
        Nothing reluctant about it 😎
        And I do appreciate the effort
        you put into promoting the works
        of other writers. I hope your Muse
        also appreciates it, and gets back
        on the job.

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  2. Truly a remarkable piece of art inscribed upon the theatre of poetic happiness.
    May it stay far and long!
    And the comments come in great variety and shapes,
    Your readers are always a pleasure to read!

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    1. Swaggy has a long repertoire of
      bush poetry, that he recites from
      memory. We’ve now driven from
      Darwin, through outback Queensland,
      to the tropical North Eastern coast
      of Australia. But I do regret not
      recording more of Swaggy Gamble.


  3. My mom and dad met in Australia… Your beautiful images, but most especially the video of Swaggy Gamble, finally make me feel I’d like to go there some day. I understand now why my parents felt they fit right in. πŸ˜€

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    1. Australians, rebels without a cause
      … to complain.
      Truly the lucky country … for some.
      And me, I am surely one lucky son
      of a bushranger’s gun 😎

      Talking of muns and dads, Nadine,
      I was conceived in New York, my 2
      sisters are U. S. citizens, but for
      some reason my parents flew to
      Australia just in time for me to be
      delivered as an Aussie? 😎

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      1. You sure do have an aware and beautiful way with words David…

        Absolutely love hearing this part of your history/ nationality, since I was definitely curious! πŸ™

        My mom was born and raised in the Netherlands, my dad was born and raised in Canada. Both small-town folks, each with a yearning for adventure… and in Sidney town, met their eventual destiny. Stayed for several years in Aus, then parted ways, with a promise to meet again at the Trevi fountain in Rome, which they did; then married in Holland, then flew to Canada where they have lived ever since. And that’s were I was born and raised. Another lucky country… for some. Same with France, where I live with my own family now.

        I am a very lucky daughter of two very lucky school-teachers. Still ploddingly working out what to do with all this privilege… while raising kids of my own, hopefully in a way that is as aware as I have the power to cause it to be…

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      2. An interesting family history.
        I prefer the term ‘blessed’, as the
        word ‘priviledged’ is best reserved
        for the veracious richest .1%, who
        are devouring 99% of the world’s

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