47 thoughts on “Polar-Eyes”

  1. this is stunning stuff, David: you have excelled yourself this time; each pic has wham and wow ! and yes, I remember Charlie Drake’s song: at the time I thought it was a hoot, unaware of its darker implications —

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    1. We seem to be the by-products,
      and even the victims, of tribal
      social engineering. History, and
      damn lies, is written by the victors.
      As Crosby Stills and Nash once said;

      You, who are on the road
      Must have a code
      that you can live by
      And so, become yourself
      Because the past
      is just a goodbye
      Teach your children well
      Their father’s hell
      did slowly go by
      And feed them on your dreams
      The one they pick’s
      the one you’ll know by

      ~ Graham Nash

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    1. Unfortunately, just like pretty well
      everywhere else, Australia has a
      dark and bloody past. As Nelson
      Mandela believed, best to expose
      darkness to the light, as then it
      loses it’s power to shape the future.

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  2. A brilliant collection by silicon hands/sands
    The swallows/gallows eyes landed
    Doubly exposed and colourfully branded
    Centuries of wife swinging/swopping at the rock
    Boomerangs do comeback, but where do they stop

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    1. Did Michael Hutchence
      and his band of INXS
      have the last laugh when there’s
      plenty of guilt to go around?

      “And we take it down
      To the end of town
      Where they have control
      But they’re losing touch
      when the lights go out
      Everybody’s down on their knees
      Listen like thieves
      But who needs that
      When it’s all in your hands?”

      Thanks for the solid rock reminder ๐Ÿ™
      Ivor. Just added a piece of Goanna ๐ŸฆŽ

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      1. My vinyls were called
        to give evidence
        against Phil Spector
        as they refused to give
        him a character reference.
        Turns out Phil was
        livin’ on borrowed time,
        and the winds of change
        are blowin’ down the line
        … right down the line ๐ŸŽถ

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    1. Thank you, Caroline.
      It’s Australia Day today, January
      26th., celebrating the day Captain
      Cook landed and claimed this land
      for the English Crown. The only
      problem being there were people
      already living here, many of whom
      now refer to it as Invasion Day.


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