The Heart of Fire

There is smoke on the water

And everywhere

here Down Under

With fire in the sky

Wildlife running for shelter

From a storm too fast

Sadly many will die

Holiday makers are fleeing

A tourist season caught

In the summer swelter

Of an endless drought

Firefighters are dying

Trying to save homes and farms

The promise of a New Year

Up in flames

As a black cloud stretches

From here to New Zealand

A funeral shroud now covers

This sunburnt land

In preparation for a quick evacuation.
Pockets and Coco in the float.
Chop Chop the sheep in the boot.
Dazza the bull in the passenger seat,
since he likes to ride shotgun, and
I always lose when I argue with him.
Anyone else had better run!

My mountain home, down south
on the Victorian coast, is now safe
since some recent summer showers.
But to the east, north, and west,
the fires continues to burn.
Thank you all for your prayers 🙏

The Rain Cometh

Words and Images:
David B. Redpath © 2020

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