62 thoughts on “Autoaislamiento”

    1. Everything fine with me,
      and mine 🤞
      Thanks for asking, M B 🙏
      I was taking a world view peek
      down a rabbit whole.
      One of the photos was taken in
      Figueres, Catalonia, so …
      I thought a Catalan title would
      be in order.


      1. “🎶The only thing
        that makes me laugh again
        Is a window seat
        on a outbound plane
        Every place I want to go
        I never can go,
        because you know
        I got the Corona Virus blues
        Oh Lord mama,
        I got them in the bottom
        of my rambling shoes 🎶”
        ~ Antiviral Bob

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    1. My No. 2 son took that photo just
      yesterday. He and his wife were on
      the Singapore to Malacca bus, which
      is usually full. I’m thinking of joining
      them over in Malaysia. Being Scottish,
      I can’t resist a bargain. The price of
      flights and accommodation is just
      too tempting 😎

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      1. Just the hot spots.
        But there’s a big shortage
        of bums on seats ✈️
        … so to speak
        And no standing in line
        for tickets
        aboard an Ocean Liner 🛳️
        Quite the opposite 🤔

        (No fear of that Mexican beer!
        It’s actually the Tequila chaser
        that’ll get ya, Victoria 😎)


    1. Good to know, Mich 👍
      My son and daughter in law have
      become Corona refugees. They are
      both teachers at a University in China,
      but thankfully were on a holiday in
      Europe when the covid-19 hit the fan.
      They’re able to continue working online
      whilst the University (and the country)
      is shut down. Meanwhile, they’re
      roaming the globe 🏝️ 🌐

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    1. Indeed, Chis. Salvador was very
      attentive whilst visiting his home
      in Figueres. But he’s not talking
      to me at present. Ever since I took
      Gala to a Katy Perry concert.
      I think he’s a bit jealous 🤔

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  1. Are you in Europe, dear David?
    Is it a good self-isolation or
    a sad one? In my own court,
    I know I need the
    but my id doesn’t want it.
    It keeps drinking the ink
    with pufferfish-like lips.
    Hoping soon I’ll be a beached
    whale, a mere decaying display,
    great mouth agape and filled
    with so much plastic
    from the digital ocean, hey.
    How about you?
    And what are those top two
    photos? Any tips?
    Beautiful colours, but on
    the subjects, I can’t quite
    get a grip.

    Thinking of you
    in rainbow tones
    of psychedelic green, gold
    and blue.

    With gratitude,
    for the kind things
    you do.

    And the end of a poem, too,
    Though not Catalonian,
    Still Iberian. Think it’s true?

    “Cuando el jilguero no puede cantar.
    Cuando el poeta es un peregrino,
    cuando de nada nos sirve rezar.
    “Caminante no hay camino,
    se hace camino al andar…
    “Golpe a golpe, verso a verso.”
    (~ Antonio Machado)

    Avec gros bisous.


    1. I took that photo of the drooling
      hungry ball a couple of years ago
      whilst paying a visit to Salvador
      Dali’s residence in Figueres, Spain.
      It just seemed to be appropriate
      at the moment 🤔 It looks the part
      of a rabid viral Emoji.
      Thanks for your kind words and
      thoughts, Nadine. The future is
      ever changing, and hard to see 👀
      according to Yoda. Tomorrow, and
      the day after, comes with no money
      back guarantee.
      I almost posted those pics in black
      and white, to suit the present global
      gloom. But I can’t help myself 🌈 😎
      I’m not big on borders, and tribal
      politics, but everywhere I travel
      there’s a history of conquest, brute
      force, suppression, and oppression,
      to unravel.
      And thank you for the inspirational
      Antonio Machado quotes …

      “All goes, and all remains,

      but our task is to go,

      to go creating roads

      roads through the sea.

      My songs never chased

      after glory to remain

      in human memory.”

      Câlins et Bisous 💛

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