60 thoughts on “Darth Mall goes shopping”

      1. My Sith apprentice, Darth Musk,
        has been working on the problem.
        He has developed the Elon long
        life solar powered lightsaber☀️🔦
        The only problem is I like to fight
        at night 🌃 And preferably on the
        dark side of the Moon 🌚 as befits
        a Dark Side of the Force champion,
        and a Pink Floyd fan 😎

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      2. I’m smuggling a load
        of Tatooine Gold
        (those Wookies go crazy
        for that Tatooine Gold)
        in the Millennium Falcon
        listening to Van Morrison
        on the bright side of the road
        The Highway of Bloggery
        is well on the way to liberation ✊

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    1. Muchos gracias, Señorita Gypsy 🙏
      My friend Michael provided the
      visual inspiration for this dark side
      diversion 🌒
      Hark 👂I can hear the electric
      flamingo strumming of the Gypsy
      Kings singing ‘Un Amor’ 🎶💝💃

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      1. Kudos to Michael on his Redpath-inspired oeuvre fabuloso! Me gusta molto. You know what, I can hear those notes, too! Magic in times of the C-thing? Gracias por la musica, siempre, amigo Redpath 💛 🎶💝💃
        Ah, y una cosa mas: Por si te interesa, I just posted a video-interview on travel highlights. There might be something for your future travel explorations in there -you might likey:) Abrazos!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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