24 thoughts on “Purple Haze”

      1. WOW!
        From his leaking lock down
        room at the Isolation Hotel
        Pandemic Dan has spoken,
        “Let them eat cake.
        Soon it may be too late
        for the virus is out
        and the lock’s been broken”.


      2. I’m Judas going to the last supper
        Searching for Kudos and a cuppa
        Not masks and lock-down
        Roll away this stone from my town
        So I can write poetry at the ‘Office’
        Not stuck at home in the closet

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    1. Uncle Ernie did offer Jimi H.
      a puff of dried banana skin 🍌
      to which he replied with the
      immortal inscrutable line . . .
      “My yellow is not so mellow!”
      Unfortunately Jimi himself soon
      proved to be not so immortal 😢
      The inscrutable Mr. Inn Lu was
      present at the time, chasing the
      dragon, but he took no offence 😎

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      1. Unlike most of today’s “woke” SJWs (which when I first came across the term 5 years ago I thought stood for Single Jehovah’s Witnesses and I thought please someone get these bozos married and laid but then I found out it stood for Social Justice Warriors) who take offence at everything.

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