66 thoughts on “Monochromatic”

    1. Don’t worry about Dali, Liz.
      He was exhumed for a sample of
      his DNA, over a paternity claim.
      Seems to happen alot with these
      artist types 🤔 So while he’s waiting
      for an adjudication, he’s out and
      about having the time of his life 😎

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      1. Mister Redpath, you hit el clavo on the head- my taste IS exquisite 😎 hehe.
        Gracias por tu wonderful travel suggestion-
        I have been fortunate enough to visit Dali´s
        crazy, giant-eggs-on-roof-all-around-fabulous abode some years back. It´s
        extrakalifragilisti-badass. Muchos abrazos de vuelta 💛 💛

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