I can feel it

coming in the air


. . . Oh Lord

“You will not fear the terror
of night, nor the arrow that
flies by day, nor the pestilence
that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys
at midday.” ~ Psalm 91:5-6

David B Redpath Β© 2020

58 thoughts on “I can feel it”

      1. Not to mention Hell’s Kitchen,
        and some other parts of New York.
        Like that big golden tower where a
        disreputable wizard keeps his
        trophy wife imprisoned. He only
        brings her out for occasions of
        state pomp and circumstance.
        I lived in New Zealand for a little
        while. Hiked the MacKenzie pass,
        but no hobbit, dwarf, or elf in sight.

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      2. Interesting. I have just read Hell’s Kitchen by Jeffrey Deaver. Are we talking about Trump Tower? You ain’t referring to the First Lady are you? Could the hobbits, dwarfs and elfs maybe run and hid when they saw you coming?…..

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    1. As Green Day πŸ’š might say, Katy …

      Another turning point
      a fork stuck in the road
      Time grabs you by the wrist
      directs you where to go
      So make the best of this test
      and don’t ask why
      It’s not a question
      but a lesson learned in time
      It’s something unpredictable
      but in the end it’s right
      I hope you had the time of your life

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  1. Love your artwork and great post! Talk about good timing. Living in CA with smoky air for almost a month and raging fires up and down the state and further up the west coast, it’s been a bit unsettling. Take care and enjoy each day. Lauren

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      1. Thanks Lauren πŸ™
        Most of Australia has had a drought
        breaking wet winter and early spring.
        So the upcoming summer should be
        a bit less incendiary, thankfully 😎


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