The Placebo Diaries (1)


sad to say
they test you
and your DNA
goes on an index card
your most primitive fears
are then known and calibrated
the Beast will come to town
to bargain
he will take everything
and leave nothing behind


At the Honeymoon Hotel
my helix was double crossed
with a fix straight from hell,
and then spliced with a piece
of alien dental floss.
At great cost to the boss
I was given a choice to break free
of that spell in the land of the lost,
where a lamentable mutation
is condemned to endless replication,
generation after generation.
Always regretting something
it just can’t put a finger on,
and dreaming of getting back
to that Garden of Eden.


the newly discovered
the imaginable unknown
are not avenues in Placebo Town
bacterium like organisms live there
they are increasingly complex
and controlling
bringing abundant grief
to most preexisting life forms
God resides somewhere
in the corporeal and mortal body
people sing to Him, bless him,
petition him out on Sunday
Jim Morrison loudly proclaimed,
“you cannot petition the Lord”
often intoxicated
and not in a scientific manner,
Jim was a Mysterian


was the exact diagnosis
that had me expelled
from the Placebo Town School
of Deportment
and Higher Conciousness.
The headmistress
at that PTS of DHC did her best.
As a result
she is now underhouse arrest,
and I’m being tested
for bacterial immunity.
Along with several ferals
of defacto anarchy protesting
against compulsory gravity.
Meanwhile …
the doors of perception
at the Honeymoon Hotel
are all slowly opening.
The No Vacancy sign is flashing
as the Placebo Bacterium is spreading.
It now covers the entire spectrum
between heaven and hell, as the
night manager is in quarantine.
What exactly is an altered state,
and which pill do I take
to make America great again?
No one can rightly tell
since the Fairy Queen of Oblivion,
who takes just like a woman,
has broken the reality spell.
She now fakes
when she makes love
just like a fairytale goblin.

My Big Bang Theory:

A sound mind is a gift from heaven,
with the built-in option
of triggering the occasional explosion.
In the Garden of Eden
self expression was the thing,
with all creation in anticipation
riding upon an energy wave
of endless exhilaration.


Yoko became famous

for the eelgrasslike ribbons

that swayed back and forth

in the currents of her skull

she was shallow water

submerged in the deeper John

John loved to bind

the many strands of Yoko

into a single whole

the initial commitment of Paul

wore away and was replaced

Paul falling into a slumber

that was mistaken for death

sporting with his fame

Paul loved his lack of color

“more famous not less

without the devil pact”

I spoke to Yoko this morning
she said that dreams are prisoners
that escape the censor ward
of the brain
she was happy to have been brought to mind
that all that John and Paul stuff
was pure crap
when it came time to butter the toast,
the best dong won


Such a coincidence!
Yoko sang to me this morning.
She just kept on repeating

… “So this is Christmas
and what have you done?
Another year over.
A new one just begun.”

I think she’s missing John.
It’s like she’s just waiting
for him to once again
join in and sing along.

The world had it backwards . . .
onO okoY was no boy band toy ploy,
to be duly rewarded with riches
and fame for keeping the Egg Man
from reaching for the Kingdom.
But I guess that’s what happened?


WARNING: Yoko art will
short-circuit the common man
without the intervention of brain
activity, what is art ?
two individuals with different norms
of reaction
John produces John,
Paul produces Paul
fraternal twins and nothing more
two males nurturing sound
for the greater expression


What is Art?

The HumancentiPad formerly known
as John Paul Yoko once asked me
to go seek the Spider Shamans
from the far side of Proxima Centauri.
I found those alien arachnids down
deep below in a chasm of purple jello.
They simply just exist there,
seemingly without rhyme or reason,
pulsating as in an orchestrated spasm.
In that total lack of light,
they didn’t even cast a shadow.
So I hitched a ride back with
Ziggy Stardust (it was light years
faster than catching a bus)
to the hidden valley where the
phosphorescent Wolf-Flower grows.
We arrived not a moment too soon,
as the Mariphasa Lupina Lumina only
blooms by the light of a full moon.
It was a cloudless night,
and those iridescence Wolf-Flowers
were a wondrous sight.
Like spawning coroal in an
ancient ocean of lysergic neon.
I disengaged my interstellar avatar
and turned to Ziggy, who was tuning
his Flying V guitar, and said …
“I don’t know art,
but I know what I like.”
He just looked at me kinda sly,
and replied …
“Man, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

D.R. words by David Redpath ©2021
M.M. words by Michael Lewis ©2021

🎨Artwork by Multiple Michael © 2021

38 thoughts on “The Placebo Diaries (1)”

    1. That’s the thing with journaling in
      a collaborative discourse of chaos.
      You never know where it’s going,
      or what’s happening ⁉️ When
      things goes off course, I blame
      Multiple Michael, of course 🚀
      Happy 2021, Liz.
      A year in which, I suspect 🤔
      strange will be the new normal.
      Thanks for tuning in, 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This touches on so many of the fears and failings of our society. Your work is kaleidoscopic, David. You somehow manage to intertwine disparate images and ideas to reveal hidden truths. Thank you for sharing your talent w/ readers. Have a wonderful New Year, whatever the future holds!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You, too 🙏 Thanks Anna.
      I’m sure 2021 will be way
      better. Even a bit of fun❓
      Possibly by December 😎
      It may help …
      if we start civilisation afresh.
      When writing, I alway try to
      remember that I know nothing
      but Christ Jesus, manifested
      in the flesh ✝️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When asked by a reported what contributed to his genius, Michael Faraday — who, among other things, discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism — he is said to have replied, “I just happened to be listening when the information came through.” You, too, have a good ear, David.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. a wonderful phantasmagorical medley ; something you can read over and over — & I have; just when I thought the Yoko segments were the most accomplished i was stunned by other flaring flowers of prose 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. May an excellent end to all this
        Keanu Reeves grieving be within
        the reach of those left breathing.
        A vaccination of pure compassion
        should ever be in fashion ☮️💜♾️
        (please excuse my compulsion to
        use punctuation 😎 May the Flarf
        forgive me 🙏 just for a laugh)⚫

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “There is something in the human
        spirit that will survive and prevail,
        there is a tiny and brilliant light
        burning in the heart of man that
        will not go out no matter how dark
        the world becomes.”

        ~ Leo Tolstoy

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Starting the New Year off Hot!!! Great post! Loved these lines – “Always regretting something
    it just can’t put a finger on,
    and dreaming of getting back
    to that Garden of Eden.”
    And the title was Brilliant!! Bravo David!! 😁✨✨🎉🎉👍

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you most graciously,
      and with much gravy, Chuck 🙏😎
      The Placebo Diaries is an ongoing
      collaboration with my good friend
      Multiple Michael. An experiment
      in iron sharpening iron, to put it
      bluntly, if not poetically 🤔❓ 🕶️

      Liked by 2 people

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