36 thoughts on “Two Daughters”

    1. It’s as if civilisation is collectively
      holding it’s breath, just waiting for
      January twentieth 🤔 🕶️
      All things must pass, especially
      tyrants, bullies, and thugs.
      Trust you’re keeping well, Punam 💛

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    1. Thank you muchly, Gary 🙏😎
      So, you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder.
      So do I, but I originally came from the
      U S of A where they’d better take cover.
      Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?⚡☔
      Australia truly is the Lucky Country 🇦🇺

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      1. from long ago post of yours knew you were Oz, love the lyrics art and your existence. mate. That person over there is sure one dickhead and needs to be removed at the speed of a thousand startled gazelles.

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    1. That’s the thing, Liz …
      to recognize the bells of truth
      when you hear them ring 🔔

      “Well, I don’t exactly know
      What’s going on in the world today
      Don’t know what there is to say
      About the way the people are treating
      Each other, not like brothers
      Leaders take us far away from ecology
      With mythology and astrology
      Has got some words to say
      About the way we live today
      Why can’t we learn to love each other
      It’s time to turn a new face
      To the whole world wide human race
      Stop the money chase
      Lay back, relax
      Get back on the human track
      Stop racing toward oblivion
      Oh, such a sad, sad state we’re in
      And that’s a thing
      Do you recognize the bells of truth
      When you hear them ring … ”

      ~ Don J. Preston / Leon Russell

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  1. Amazing artwork and very inspiring quote. It’s hard to keep courage sometimes. Rightful anger often fizzles or gets stomped out… rather than encouraged towards good creative outlets… and then hope leaves when those two are gone. Lovely work here to bring them back, for some 💛

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    1. Thanks for that deep response, Lia.
      As the song goes 🎶 there’s got to
      be a morning after … I’m sure the
      Sun will shine a bit brighter after a
      January Inauguration, and the suoer
      spreading of much inoculation 🤞
      I hear there’s a new vaccine against
      Presidential Narcissism. It’s called
      Losing An Election Big Time 😎

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      1. Yes I keep reminding myself that there is always sunshine above the clouds… 🌦 As for Trump, I feel for him honestly… he must suffer with his own inner demons a lot, to cause and incite so much havoc and suffering… may he like the rest of us also find peace, loving-kindness, and be well.
        Keep up the brilliant artwork and positive inspiration David 🌷🌷🔆🎨

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