74 thoughts on “Girl Child”

    1. Thanks Lynn.
      Due to the silent, gender based,
      holocaust that is going on, the
      future is a world out of balance.
      The repercussions of which will
      be profound, and have already
      starting in some places where the
      men have to travel great distances
      to secure a bride, and that’s only
      if they can afford to do so.


    1. Thanks for sharing that insight,
      Sadly, the more things change
      … the more they stay the same.
      Knowledge is power. Education
      is the best option for breaking
      free of oppressive poverty.
      Opportunity is often the rarest
      of commodities in a world where
      wealth and corruption go hand
      in hand.

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  1. Tüm kız çocukları ve kadınlar eğitim almalı. Özellikle kadınların bu dünyada cahil kalmaması gerekiyor. Eğitim güzeldir

    All girls and women should receive
    education. Especially women should
    not remain ignorant in this world.
    Education is beautiful

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  2. Happy daughters day.most motivational post and photo of girls.is one photo of related of Mosque at Sikandrabad with school girls.thanks for sharing an inspirational day on International girls day.🤗🤗🤗🤗

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