The Extinction Rebellion

. . . Staying Alive?

“Look away over yonder.
Storm clouds a-coming!”

A Disco Inferno dilemma!

Itchy trigger finger … on video camera.

Horsemen of the Noodle Kingdom

The thin blue line

. . . an armed escort!?

To dream the impossible dream.

The Bourke Street Mall
Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺

“Standing on solid rock.
Standing on sacred ground.
Living on borrowed time.
And the winds of change
are blowin’ down the line.
Right down the line.”
~ Goanna (Solid Rock)

Mark Clarebrough © 2019-21
David B. Redpath © 2019-21

89 thoughts on “The Extinction Rebellion”

    1. I’ve just read that, according to the
      local newspapers, climate activists
      are a pest for disrupting city traffic!
      They best prepare for plenty more
      disruption, but on a global scale,
      and from Mother nature’s direction.

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    1. Here’s hoping the global leaders
      start listening, Paul. As in Wall Street,
      and those multinational corporations.
      But at the grass roots, a good start
      would be if the supermarkets stopped
      putting every single string bean in
      plastic. It’s time for the return of the
      heavy duty, unbleached, recyclable
      brown paper bag.

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      1. And recycling the cardboard boxes
        at the bottle shops 🍺 Supermarkets
        and Petrol Stations are the places
        we all interface with Big Business.
        That’s where we, the humble grass
        roots customer, need to make a stand,
        and be heard. Perhaps even go back
        to drinking watet out of a tap? 💦

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    1. “Difficult to see. Always in motion
      is the future.” ~ Yoda

      It certainly was a rebel yelling party.
      With the feel of a generation lost upon
      on a rapidly degrading rock. But
      hopefully time enough to start again?

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    1. I’m sure most conscientiously.
      As I saw them pour out of Doctor
      Who’s Tardis, which despite being
      bigger on the inside, has a very
      small carbon footprint 😎
      It’s an issue that makes hypocrites
      of us all. When it comes to taking
      action, you’re either damned by
      those who disagree if you do, or
      heading to sure and certain extinction
      if nothing is done. We currently have
      ths technology to solve just about all
      man-made problems the world faces.
      It’s a matter of finding the resolve to
      implement them. From the top down.
      Whether or not you believe global is
      due to human activity, ths fact is we
      are polluting the crap out of the planet.
      Biodiversity is under threat, and last
      time I checked, man is a biological
      creature. It’s in our own self interest
      to try and fix this doomsday mess.

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      1. An ounce of prevention . . .
        But there’s already been a tanker
        load of an oil spill upon the ocean.
        You should read what 3M has done
        to the local table water through it’s
        manufacturing of ‘Scotch Guard’.
        The ground water will NEVER be
        drinkable. Toxic for ever. Too late
        for any intervention.

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      2. I know there is no easy solution.
        To change our petrochemical
        reliant industries, to stop buying
        plastic crap, and all our food in
        plastic wrap. It does all seem like
        flying to the Moon. The economic
        ramifications would be monumental.
        But I do seem to remember an
        American President once saying,

        “We choose to go to the Moon in this
        decade and do the other things, not
        because they are easy, but because they
        are hard; because that goal will serve to
        organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge
        is one that we are willing to accept, one we
        are unwilling to postpone, and one we
        intend to win, and the others, too.”

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    1. Yes, ‘People Power’ is the way to
      put pressure on the big polluters,
      and to change our mass consumption
      disposable plastic western culture.
      Most governments aren’t capable of
      saving themselves, let alone the planet.
      Especially when they’re in bed with
      Big Business. It’s up to individuals
      to start making change happen.

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      1. I could not agree with you more. Mass apathy and a sense of helplessness are huge obstacles. People need to realise that each small individual change adds up to one big collective change. I really liked this post.

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    Endoscopy opens to a hush, closes to applause
    Dramatis personæ stride and snivel in between
    While the playwright owns up as simply the you
    In disguise and of course vice versa – All change!
    Newton, Einstein, Erwin and his imaginary cat
    A different sounding at each fresh embouchure
    Bringing light, demolishing the old – All change!
    Revolution on revolution yet nothing changes
    Ancient foolishnesses replayed ad nauseam
    Minotaurs and dinosaurs strut the halls of power
    External, internal weapons of mass distraction
    Eternal, essential the pulse the pulse the pulse
    Distorted persists, breathes through every pore
    Where would we be without our surroundings?
    In a flash flood, a roar and a blaze of lightning
    The walls of the citadel quiver and fall – All change!
    As Alice tiptoes lightly through her looking glass
    Boundless waters surround us as above so below
    Rivers linger not and carry our bread away
    A true love that will neither fade nor wither
    Memories drift like leaves torn from a book
    Even as the moving hand writes on – All change!
    Evenings herald nights overburdened with
    Dark eldritch dreams peopled by eery voices
    “Wake up at the back there! Pay attention!”
    I look around and find myself looking around
    “Ninety-eight, ninety-nine …” – “All change!”
    “At the third stroke …” “At the third stroke …”
    Buy new improved, ditch the old – All change!
    Rapine of the earth is not a spectator sport
    Advertisements invade us twenty-five-seven
    More and more of less is what and all we need
    Emergency! Emergency! All hands on deck!

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    1. Thanks Chuck 🙏
      You’ve reminded me that here, in
      Australia, we recently had a Prime
      Minister who was a climate change
      denier. He saw himself as a saviour
      of the Coal Industry. Consequently
      he was kicked out of office after
      denying the science 3 times
      … there was no saving him 😎

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    1. To be fair to the boys in blue, I did
      see them actually protecting the
      protesters from some agrovation.
      So I sensed there was a degree of
      agreement with the cause.
      But then, there was a sufficient
      police presence to arrest all the
      marchers, if push to shove.


  2. Lovely nonviolent movement, yay! That’s the way to fight environmental injustice and any sort of oppression. I would have loved to be in the dancing choreography. Staying alive against our climate emergency and against any form of injustice worlwide! ✊💪☮️💓

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    1. Totally flamboyantly revved up
      with mirror ball relevance, Marta 😎
      The “Arab Spring” would’ve been a
      much cooler thing with a dose of
      retro disco dance moves …
      and less killing.
      Perhaps Hong Kong should get
      in the groove and remove all the
      Kung Fu fighting? 🤔 🕶️ 👀

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  3. Loving the Extinction Rebellion in technicolor with Solid Rock foundations. Particularly impressed with the capture of the itchy trigger finger and of course the ‘Horsemen of the Noddle Kingdom.’

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    1. The best laid schemes of mice and men …
      There are conspiracies in abundance,
      from both extremes of politics, both
      real and imagined. In the meantime
      we are polluting the living daylights
      out of this Earth. We stand around,
      debating climate science, as the
      biodiversity of this planet crashes.
      The insect kingdom is rapidly
      vanishing. Bird numbers have been
      steadily decreasing. Man cannot
      stand alone in a thinning biosphere.
      Big Business does not want the
      governments of the world to start
      taking serious action because that
      would mean serious taxation. The
      World’s economy would need to be
      drastically changed. Cheaper to
      try shooting the messengers, by
      muddying the waters. Sure, the
      socialist left are more inclined to
      champion climate issues. As the
      conservative right are usually in
      the pocket of the big polluters.
      All I know is that the weather is a
      wild beast, and we’re poking it with
      a big carbon stick …
      “The whole Earth belongs to the Lord.”
      We should be treating this entire
      planet as a sacred place. Not a
      dump bin for our toxic waste.

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      1. HI David. Thanks for your reply. I don’t disagree with you about the need to drastically cut pollution, and about the need to protect the world’s biosphere, but what does that have to do with a coming climate catastrophe because of rising carbon emissions? We must not conflate that with pollution because they are not the same. It’s perfectly legitimate to ask questions of scientists, because the lack of open discourse has allowed the hard left to completely hijack the discussion. That is dangerous for everyone. Regarding insect and bird populations, it appears there are issues with renewable energy and their welfare:

        This isn’t about conspiracies, only market forces. That’s it. The prominence of the term conspiracy theory is intended to suppress debate. It sets up a perimeter of permissible discussion with sentry posts and guards to patrol the outer boundaries. If anyone is caught trespassing, one big argument from false analogy gets rolled out and apparently that’s all there remains to be said about it. The person is shamed by polite society, pilloried, roundly declared a fool, before everyone carries on with their lives as if they were enlightened beings. Forgive me, but it’s anti-intellectual to lazily hide behind the label of conspiracies, not subject something to further examination, then say, for example, the conservatives are in the pockets of big polluters, and the socialists are more likely to champion climate issues, as if there isn’t considerable overlap between these interests.

        I appreciated your reply. Thanks again

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      2. Yes, our Universities have become
        politically corrected battlegrounds
        of intolerance, where the truth, and
        the freedom to express it, is the first
        casualty. In the meantime, we’re
        burning books, and arguing the science
        … whilst Rome burns.

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    1. Exactly. The main stated aim of rhe
      7 day protest was to convince the
      Australian government to make
      climate concerns a major focus
      moving into the future.
      Action rather hollow words.


      1. I get that we need to clean up our messes. Plastic is one of the worst things we have ever unleashed. Digging for oil, gas, precious metals and crap like uranium was not a good idea. Pouring poisons all over the place or (the worst of all) nuclear technology shouldn’t have happened. But, the melting ice caps and higher CO2 levels bother me, NOT. I am astonished at how brainless individuals so arrogantly dismiss Mother Earth and what SHE can do. WE have nothing to do with the CO2 levels (don’t get me started on the assholes spraying). That is HER and only HER. Period. And, the warming is HER and only her. Thinking that we did that is as arrogant as thinking that She CAN’T do it. There are ancient accounts of the North Pole being sub-tropical at one time. There is water damage that, at one time, was visible on the Sphinx before the pyramidiots tried to cover it up under the guise of “restoration”.
        I don’t worry about animal/plant/critter extinctions. Mother Earth can withdraw or bring back ANY living creature that She desires. I look forward to the day that the bridge between us and Avalon can be permanently reconnected.

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      2. They are Her babies…her creations. Sometimes, She makes the decision to pull something back for a while and sometimes She decides that something just isn’t viable. If She so chooses, when humanity gets its s*** straight, She may return them. They are ALL hers. Their souls are linked to Hers. They are with Her.

        The loss of the Dinosaurs was a different issue. That was a solar system-wide disaster.

        Perhaps, one day, all of Her magical babies will return. If humanity would get off of its confused ass and finish evolving, life will be much different. I await the return of the dragons and faerie folk.

        We will see them all, again, one day…perhaps even the dinosaurs. 😁❤


    1. Thanks John. It’s no exaggeration
      to say that lives were put at risk in
      the obtaining of these pics. I really
      have to remember to take off the
      stilettos when tiptoeing around
      demonstrators laying on the ground.
      Big things need to change, despite
      the vested interests of big business
      and the corrupted laziness of world

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