36 thoughts on “Stranger In A Strange Land”

      1. Leon Russell wrote ‘A Song For You’,
        along with Ray Charles and Willie
        Nelson. He also wrote ‘Delta Lady’ for
        Joe Cocker, and ‘Superstar’ recorded
        by The Carpenters, and Luther
        Vandross. He was the consummate
        pianist who played with many of
        the greats, both live in concert and
        in the recording studio.
        So… here’s a song for you 😎


      1. Talking about a strange land,
        the irony of that concert was
        that Leon Russell, a soon to be
        ordained Baptist minister, was
        preceded by none other than
        Gary Glitter … who was later
        convicted in Vietnam for the
        crime of pedophilia!
        Talk about “Stranger Danger”.

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      1. A little bit of intelligent foresight
        would probably suffice. I hate to
        say it, but if the West had taken
        down more cold war defences,
        such as the nuclear missiles aimed
        at Moscow, after the collapse of
        the Soviet Union then Comrade
        Putin would’ve had no excuses.
        Keeping NATO was good for the
        the armaments industry, but for
        a short while there was actually
        no real enemy (except the dragon
        in the room whom I’m too polite
        to mention 🐲😎)

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    1. I’ve got it on CD, John 😎👍
      Had the privilege of catching
      Joe Cocker & Leon Russell at
      Festival Hall in ’72 (yes, that
      infamous ill-fated tour), and
      later on when Leon Russell
      toured Australia with his very
      big band.

      If you were a little bit left of centre
      you could say Putin was a Judas
      to the Revolution ✊ but that ship
      sailed years ago with Josef Stalin.

      “Sail on, sail on
      O mighty ship of state
      to the shores of need
      past the reefs of greed
      through the squalls of hate
      Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on
      I’m sentimental,
      if you know what I mean
      I love the country
      but I can’t stand the scene
      And I’m neither left or right
      I’m just staying home tonight
      getting lost
      in that hopeless little screen
      but I’m stubborn
      as those garbage bags
      that time cannot decay
      I’m junk but I’m still holding up
      this little wild bouquet
      Democracy is coming to the USA”

      ~ Leonard Cohen

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  1. Hmmmmm. AMAZING. I can’t believe I’ve never heard that song before. Amazing. Watched the incredible first video. Sigh. Yes. Perfectly put on every single level. Thank You, David. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Someone needs
      to tell Emporer Putin
      that the Soviet Union
      dissolved into oblivion
      when they lowered
      the Iron Curtain ⚒️
      Hopefully Vladimir
      that KGB goon
      will soon be feeling
      the red hot burn 🔥
      of instant karma 💥

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  2. Great verses David and Video. I saw him in Lexington, KY at a concert sing the song on the album Hanks Back – the Hank Williams songs. He was amazing. Great energy and input come from your post. Really enjoy reading comments from all these cool artist too. Big hugs and lots of love to you two. ❤️🤗

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    1. Living down under, the first chance
      I had to hear Leon Russell in action
      on the piano 🎹 and guitar🎸 was
      when Joe Cocker’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” movie hit the cinemas
      here in Australia. I was a young
      teenager, and the impact of that
      musical feast has had a life long
      effect🥴 In ’72 I had the privilege of
      witnessing that tour live in concert.
      Joe Cocker was a one man explosion💥
      I’ve since managed to catch both
      Joe Cocker and Leon Russell on
      individual tours, but that Melbourne
      concert in ’72 was music history 🤔
      or infamy, in the shaken unmaking
      (just prior to the entire ensemble
      being unceremoniously ejected ➡️
      from the country for being very,
      very, naughty 🚫😎).

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      1. I have never seen that movie I am definitely going to look for it on YouTube now. I can’t imagine being able to see Joe Cocker on stage. Wow what an opportunity. I was a big fan of his music. I bet he was a fire cracker. What an amazing opportunity. I bet they could be very naughty indeed. I am glad you had that opportunity. I went to most concerts by myself in KY the University there got lots of big names but Joe Cocker Wow🎉🎊. Thank you David always so fun to visit your site. You are an inspiration! ❤️

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