My Word


Words of the absurd
… devoured by birds
Words that leave me
… lost for words
Words that some
don’t want to be heard
Words of hate
Words of poison
Fateful words
Words of division
Words that can build a wall
Words designed
to make you feel small
Words of destruction
Words that are spoken
creating only a prison
Words mistaken
For the sake of words
people forsaken

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The Ancient Paths


Walking the ancient
paths of my forefathers
From penthouse
to the favela slums
Forever that gypsy hymn
petitioning heaven
for Kingdom to come
The right answer
even to the wrong question
Has maybe the baby
been thrown out
with your bathwater ?
Señorita, señor,
sing for me again
that sweet gypsy hymn
Desperate times
Sacred treasures
Give me
that old time religion
Walking the ancient paths
of my forefathers

‘Roll of Honour’

Words & Artwork:
~ david redpath © 2018

Photography: Linda Redpath

A Distant Recollection


Once upon a time

Loving Kindness

that lonesome daughter

of a sought after lover

from a far off constellation

waiting to happen …

Drifting so fine

in my distant recollection

Distracted by an attraction

to the stranger of danger

and the mother of crime

The soldier of misfortune

my brother lost

marching to another tune

on the dirty street corner

sprawling newspaper

used and discarded

“Can you spare a dime?”

scrawled on a sign

Loving Kindness …

once upon a time

Words & Image:

~ david redpath © 2018