God Be With Ye

Yes, I am angry
at the way we treat
this planet
and our fellow man
our sorry history
Yes, I am angry
like punk rock on stage
Like teenage rage
at the machine of this age
The capitalist extreme
playing the trump card obscene
Turning the tables
Burning the pages
of your judgements
turned upon a dime
by your very own crime

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The Garden Datura

The Angelic Triathlon
of a lysergic urge;
The Up ‘n’ Away …
mind baggage to purge
The Look All Around …
with eyes once blind
And then,the Big Come Down
via the Big Dipper
around the Cosmic Bend

Held in the Datura Garden
somewhere beyond nature
hidden deep within a space
and time triangulation
Not for the meek
for the body is weak
But angels,they belong
Yet, please be so kind
not to be a closed mind
behind a drawn blind
gone all worldly wrong

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The Laird of Bonnie Doon


New documentary & photographic
evidence has been unearthed that
Bruce de Redpath was crowned
King of Anglo Saxon England
on the 19th of October 1066.
Apparently, when the remaining
English Lords huddled in London
learned of King Harold’s demise
at the Battle of Hastings, they
turned to a Scotsman to fend
off Duke William of Normandy
(known to his friends as
William the Bastard, and
the Stormin’ Norman).

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