Vaccine of Love

Emojis are mostly two dimensional
beings. Therefore their curves come
pre-flattened. With the exception
of Mister Smiley Face, having been
transubstantiated into the third
dimension (to undertake a secret
mission … but that’s another story)
by a force beyond his comprehension.

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Le Touriste 😎 Part 9

Go Smilingly amid the noise and haste
of cyberspace, and remember what joy
there be in the service of Emo-Jo.
You are a child 😎 of the Cyberverse,
a gift of the Great Keyboard Operator,
no less than the Hash Tags and the GIFs;
you have a right to be here. So, be ever
of good cheer as a proud descendant
of the Rune, and the Hieroglyph.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
never doubt that internet is unfolding
. . . as it should.

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Le Touriste 😎 Part 8

“God knows the secrets of your heart. He’ll tell them to you when you’re asleep.” ~ Bob Dylan

After a long hot day on the trail
riding through the desert
on his faithful camel, Kamal πŸͺ
Mr. Smiley Face settled in for the night
down that hobbit hole for hire
at the no star Barrow Creek Hotel.

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Le Touriste 😎 Part 7

“My yellow is not so mellow.”
~ Jimi Hendrix

“In the shuffling madness
aboard the locomotive
‘Emo-Jo Breath’
rides the Yellow Badness
Mr. Smiley Face
An engine of holy anger
Forged in a furnace
Of Emoji righteousness
Ever flowing
With hot vengeance
Thundering on
Down the track
As the Yellow Peril
That bane
of Muppet mayhem
He’s now on the case
And that train
It won’t stop going
No, it won’t slow down!”

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Le Touriste 😎 Part 6

🎢 β€œElectronic Emoji
is gonna be a sudden craze
Electronic Emoji
is bound to be the very next phase
They call me Mellow Yellow
But quite rightly
my Muppet enemies
they all call me the Yellow Peril
So watch out Elmo!” 🎢
~ Donomojo
(The Ballad of Mr. Smiley Face)

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