Outback Trek: Hebel Town Dreamtime

Roaming the Never Never
of an ancient and sacred land
where the secreted past
paves over a haunted future
Lingering upon the red desert sand
crimes unforgotten
A voice through the Dreamtime
whispers . . . “All can be forgiven”

So What! . . .
Yes, I confess,
I checked into that Hebel Hotel.
“How many nights?”
That, I just can’t tell,
for life is not a one night stand.
The Hotel Manager just nodded,
“I think I understand”.
Outside, It is hotter than hell.
Reeling from the feeling
to urgently get cool
or die in the trying
I went out the back to check out
the “Luxury Olympic Size Pool!”

But the pool was a bit dirty
and full of creatures thirsty.

The Manager yelled out,
“Don’t be a damn fool,
them crocs are hungry!
If you hopped in there
you’d be tin fruited (canned?)
like brown bread, Fred (dead).
They’d be on you like seagulls
on potato chips (rather quickly)”.

So I went to the laundry
to wash my clothes down,
but the water was being rationed
in old Hebel Town.

Where the ‘Dunny'(lavatory)
is a hole in the ground.
Better take a newspaper,
it’s bound to come in handy.

Even the bugs here
are in need of a pedicure!
My executive suite,
a donger (portable cabin),
had an air conditioner
(Only $75 a night … Cheap).
The bed was an army stretcher
(a relic of the war in Crimea)
upon which I fell
into a deep and dark
dream filled sleep.

Next thing . . .
I’m drafting behind a semi
on some astral highway
in a Ford V8Pilot from 1948
who then informs me
or was it mechanically
that the name of the game
within a dream
is “The Jig is Up …
Takes more than fire
and water to ever get
this old chasis clean”

~ by david redpath © 2018

(… the journey continues)

david & linda redpath © 2018

36 thoughts on “Outback Trek: Hebel Town Dreamtime”

  1. David, thank you for inviting us into your journey in the uniquely masterful and creative way that only you could. Your art is so distinctive, so compelling, so different from anything I have ever seen or read.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s O.K. Bojana.
        Crocodiles are a protected species here.
        No Hunting. Some are farmed for meat
        and leather. I needed a new belt so . . .
        But, I’ve never eaten one. Which is more
        than the crocs can say. Several people
        a year get eaten by crocs here in Oz.

        Liked by 1 person

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